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Mitt Romney Just Announced What Every Trump Fan Wanted To Hear – FINALLY!! Breaking News


Former Governor and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been desperately leading the “#NeverTrump” movement to recruit a 3rd party candidate against GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump.

He has looked at military generals, Trump’s former primary opponents, Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE), and others as potential candidates. But now, Romney has finally realized he has no chance of stopping Trump, and now he will stop the anti-Trump efforts entirely.

This is a big deal:

Mitt Romney won’t launch a third-party presidential campaign of his own and has stopped trying to recruit somebody else to do it.

The 2012 Republican nominee had attempted to recruit a challenger to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But prospects like Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse said no, and Romney is now dropping his efforts, a source familiar with Romney’s thinking told CNN.

It’s the latest blow to the “Never Trump” movement — a group of conservatives led by Romney, blogger Erick Erickson and The Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol — to find an alternative to Trump.[…]

Part of the challenge, a key “Never Trump” official said, is that prospective candidates need to hear a campaign plan that involves money, staffing, viability, key states to target and a plan to get onto the presidential debate stages.

But the people making the pitches, the official said, “aren’t campaign managers. They’re writers, activists and politicians. You need someone to say, ‘this is how I’d make this real.’ The odds remain low.”

As GOP Chairman Reince Priebus recently said about the #NeverTrump movement, “They can try to hijack another party and get on the ballot, but, look, it’s a suicide mission for our country because what it means is that you’re throwing down not just eight years of the White House but potentially 100 years on the Supreme Court and wrecking this country for many generations.”

As Romney showed in 2012, he isn’t a great politician. But even he can read the polls, and knows that the momentum isn’t on the side of the GOP establishment. The voters have spoken, and have rejected 16 other candidates. Finally, Gov. Romney has admitted what the voters of America have been saying all along: They want Trump in the White House!

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