Mitch McConnell Shreds Schumer For Making Ridiculous Impeachment Demands

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tore into Chuck Schumer and Democrats for requesting that the Senate trial involving President Trump’s impeachment be run under a different set of rules.

After watching House Democrats rush through their impeachment sham, McConnell has no designs on going in-depth for the Senate Trial.

The top Republican said that America had just witnessed the “most unfair impeachment inquiry in modern history” having wound down “just after 12 weeks.”

“The Senate is meant to act as judge and jury, to hear a trial, not to re-run the entire fact-finding investigation because angry partisans rushed sloppily through it,” McConnell chastised from the House floor.

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Schumer’s Demands

Schumer, in a letter to McConnell on Sunday, revealed the depths of his hypocrisy by demanding new documents and witnesses.

“Senate Democrats believe strongly, and I trust Senate Republicans agree, that this trial must be one that is far, that considers all of the relevant facts,” Chuck wrote.

“The trial must be one that not only hears all of the evidence and adjudicates the case fairly; it must also pass the fairness test with the American people,” he added.

Nice of you to feign concern for the American people after your colleagues in the House spat on any hope for an impartial process.

You don’t get to change things up now that it might be more convenient.

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McConnell Jabs House Democrats

McConnell continues lambasting Democrats during his floor speech, hinting that it isn’t the majority’s job to “create impeachments” as the likes of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Jerry Nadler had done.

In doing so, he noted that Schumer had “literally” misquoted the Constitution.

“The Democratic leader’s letter is an interesting document from the very beginning,” McConnell said. “For example, in the second of its 11 paragraphs, our colleague literally misquotes the Constitution.”

The Kentucky congressman is referring to Schumer’s request that the Senate exercises its “sole power of impeachment under the Constitution with integrity and dignity.”

“Well, there is his problem … That’s the role the Constitution gives actually to the House, not to the Senate. They give it to the House. Article 1, section 2 says the House of Representatives ‘shall have the sole power of impeachment.’ Doesn’t sound ambiguous to me.”

Mitch’s lone mistake here is assuming the Democrats have any interest in adhering to the Constitution in the era of President Trump.


“We don’t create impeachments over here, Mr. President,” continued McConnell. “We judge them.”

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri notes that the Democrats “don’t have anything” and that’s why they want more evidence presented.

“The facts are that the House has no evidence of any impeachable offense,” Hawley said. “They put their evidence out there, they issued their reports, we’ve all seen the hearings, and look — there’s nothing there.”

He added, “They’ve had their chance, they had their kangaroo court, they had their show, their circus for weeks and weeks and months and months, and there just isn’t anything there.”

Now Schumer wants them to create what the resistance clown show couldn’t do in the House by calling for new witnesses and documents.

McConnell’s message, just as it was last week, is the same.

“We know how it’s going to end,” he predicted. “There’s no chance the president’s going to be removed from office.”

Try as the Democrats might, Trump is still going to be President after the Senate has their say, and he very likely will be President for five more years after that.

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