Missouri Diversity Director To Students Crying Racism: Time For Threats Is Over!


This past November, Fox News host, Greg Gutfeld, lambasted the whiny, entitled protesters at the University of Missouri for perpetuating false claims of racism, saying “The entire campus needs a giant pair of pampers.”

Now it seems, the new diversity director hired in the wake of those protests agrees, albeit in much more polite terms.

Via Fox News:

The man hired to help ease racial tensions at University of Missouri had tough love for the African-American activists who led fierce demonstrations there last fall, telling them late last week he has no intention of caving in to their demands.

Interim Vice Chancellor Chuck Henson, whose portfolio includes inclusion, diversity and equity, wrote a letter to Concerned Student 1950 Thursday, telling the group to stop making demands and work with the school to make things better.

“If you sincerely want better relationships, the time for demands, threats and arbitrary deadlines is over — you don’t need them,” Henson wrote.

We’ve obtained exclusive footage of the students who recoiled in horror as their feelings were hurt by the diversity director:


Here’s a little refresher on the Missouri student complaints:

After that, students demanded a safe space on their campus be respected as a place where they can be free from the dangers of … well … thought.

Then, a Student Body President tried to spread a hoax that the KKK had arrived on campus, and a Mizzou Student VP claimed the First Amendment rights of reporters and fellow students “are creating a hostile and unsafe learning environment for myself and for other students.”

Comment: Do you agree with the diversity director’s letter saying the time for threats are over? Do these students need a good dose of reality? Share your thoughts below.

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