Miss South Carolina’s Response to 2nd Amendment Question Is Going VIRAL!

In the Miss America pageant, contestants are often grilled with challenging questions. Sometimes, the answers are embarrassing or hard to watch.

But last night, Miss South Carolina, Daja Dial, answered a question about gun rights and the 2nd Amendment in a powerful way! This is incredible!

The judge asked her, “Do you support a ban on military-style assault weapons?”

Clearly, the audience expected a typical, liberal response. Instead, Ms. Dial fired back! Without hsitation, she said, “If we teach people the proper way to use guns, then we will reduce the risk of having gun-related accidents. It starts with education.”

And Twitter loved it!

Here is the video:

Dial didn’t win, but she was a front-runner at the end. This lady clearly knows how to properly defend America’s freedoms and gun rights. Certainly, Obama hated the answer… But we LOVED IT!

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  • Surprising answer coming from a young black woman. The University she attended must not have done its job of indoctrination.

  • A lovely Lady makes a statement that is valid, and is absolutely sound logic.... How refreshing is her statement? I'd have to agree with her wholeheartedly...

  • Great Answer! The fact is, people who take gun ownership seriously don't experience gun-related accidents. The people to worry about are the suburbanites who buy a .38, take it home, load it, and then throw it in a drawer. If more people hunted, we would have fewer mishaps.

  • Here we go and it's already started. Some people are so ignorant about guns. The question was “Do you support a ban on military-style assault weapons?” IT WAS NOT "Do you support a ban on military assault weapons?” There's is a difference. Two rifles shooting a .223, or whatever, fires a bullet down range no matter what the gun looks like. Any gun used to commit a crime regardless of appearance is an assault on another. What or who will be charged with the assault--the gun or the shooter?

  • I believe wholeheartedly in the Second Amendment but I don't see any reason for Military assault rifles unless your in the Military and NOT a military wannabe. You DON'T need an assault weapon to protect yourself or your family. A 350 Magnum will do the job nicely. Yes,there should be a ban on Military assault weapons.

  • I got home just in time to watch who was crowned, and I must say, when I saw the three finalists I thought they were going to do the "politically correct" thing and crown the black contestant! It's so often that they do to avoid being called racist!!!!!!!!! This is not being racist, it is being truthful!

    • So what are you trying to say janet? That she wasn't as pretty as the other contestants? This world will be a better place when all the RACIST old hags like you are gone to wherever GOD decide to put you. You said you didn't see the pageant but you just know she shouldn't have won the contestants are not judged on looks alone and for your information she won the bathing suit competition

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