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Minutes Before Debate, Former Attorney General Gives Hillary DEVASTATING NEWS!


President Bush’s Attorney General John Ashcroft is breaking his silence about Hillary Clinton.

We learned that Obama’s FBI was contacted by the State Department which was trying to get a handful of Hillary’s shady emails declassified to help her avoid prosecution.

Favors were offered in return. That is illegal and a quid pro quo.

Ashcroft explained that bribery should never be acceptable, and these actions disqualify Hillary Clinton from the Presidency:

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft is weighing in on FBI documents released earlier this week showing State Department Undersecretary of Management Patrick Kennedy asking an agent to change the classification rating on at least one of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails in exchange for a “quid pro quo.”

Ashcroft explained that bribery or exchange of favors in this manner for public officials is illegal and shouldn’t be tolerated inside government institutions. He also pointed out that changing the classification level of a document under congressional subpoena is also illegal and likely an effort not only to defraud lawmakers, but the American people.

“To change the classification of a document which is under subpoena by the United States Congress is asking someone to do something which I believe is illegal in an effort to defraud the Congress by providing false information,” Ashcroft said.

These endless leaks and stories are a drip-drip-drip of criminality and corruption, exposing Hillary Clinton as the most unethical candidate for president in history.

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