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Migrants To Be Stopped At Borders, Refugee Resettlement Suspended

President Donald Trump confirmed that the borders will be closed to all migrants on the same day that the State Department suspended refugee resettlement.

Southern and Northern Borders Closed to “Non-Essential Traffic”

In a press conference on Wednesday, a reporter asked President Trump if he was going to implement legislation that allows the government to stop the importation of foreign nationals who may spread a communicable disease, in order to help with the coronavirus pandemic.

“On asylum seekers and people who cross the southern border illegally, are you planning to invoke 42 USC 265 which would allow you to prohibit entry of certain people across the border?” the reporter asked the President, who replied with a resounding “yes.”

President Trump said the order would take effect “very soon, probably today.” This follows the shutdown of the border with Canada to all “non-essential” traffic.

“We will be, by mutual consent, temporarily closing our Northern Border with Canada to non-essential traffic,” the President tweeted. “Trade will not be affected. Details to follow!”

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“Arrivals Pause From March”

Not only would the borders be shut down to migrants, but the implementation of refugee resettlement would be suspended during the coronavirus outbreak. In a statement, a spokesman for the State Department said that all resettlement would be suspended from the 19th of March until at least the 6th of April:

Due to the [UN Refugee Agency’s] temporary suspension, we notified our implementing partners to expect a refugee arrivals pause from March 19 through April 6. We will work with our implementing partners to plan for a resumption of refugee arrivals on or after April 7. Refugees are subject to the same COVID-19 travel restrictions as other travelers to the United States. The Department of State has no higher priority than the welfare and safety of U.S. citizens.

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Both of these measures are incredibly welcome from those of us who can see just how deadly the coronavirus outbreak is becoming. We must protect American citizens every way we can, and it’s certainly a bonus that migration will be curbed at the same time. Perhaps the only upside of this pandemic is that patriotic policies are being implemented with absolutely no resistance.

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