The migrant caravan that began initially as just a group of 200 Hondurans hoping to claim asylum in the U.S. has burgeoned to over 7,000 individuals. As it marches north toward the United States, the caravan continues to recruit more prospective invaders. The initial group claims to be fleeing war and violence, and in doing so, are ignoring every other country in Latin America (including countries they’re passing through) they could flee too.

While they may be playing the role of the refugee, this caravan is no different from the last. They’re economic migrants, not refugees. And if we’re morally obligated to take in 7,000 people “fleeing poverty,” why not the entire nation of Honduras, with its population of nearly 10 million?

Having already threatened Latin American leaders with cuts to their foreign aid (which was already cut this year), President Trump is again dialing up the rhetoric as the caravan grows. “Criminals and unknown Middle Easterners are mixed in,” Trump warned.

Trump’s claim about “unknown Middle Easterners” is being criticized as spreading rumors, but if it is simply a rumor, it’s one fueled by Guatemala’s own President. In Guatemala’s largest newspaper, their President Jimmy Morales claimed that nearly 100 ISIS terrorists had been apprehended in his country (though there was no specific indication that they were part of the caravan). Given our open borders, crossing the border would be the most effective way for terrorists to enter the U.S. undetected.

Even if these alleged ISIS members weren’t going to try to cross the border through the migrant caravan, they would’ve eventually. It’s a reminder that the border isn’t just an immigration issue, it’s a national security issue.

Last week, Trump threatened military action if the caravan was not taken care of. Trump warned the marchers that if they attempt to enter the United States illegally they will be arrested, detained, and then sent back to their country of origin. Trump also threatened to cut all foreign aid to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Surprisingly, Democrats are defending the caravan as people simply “looking for a better life.” As I already alluded too, however, there are literally over a billion people on Earth who live on less than $1.25 a day. Are we morally obligated to take them all in too? Of course not. Trump is wise to be attacking this caravan right ahead of the midterms.

Last time a migrant caravan with thousands attempted to trek to the U.S.-Mexico border, only 130 actually reached the border, and zero were accepted as asylum seekers.

Expect much of the same this time around.

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