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When A Muslim Family Believed In The Power Of Christ – A Miracle Happened

Middle Eastern Christians are under attack. ISIS is systematically attacking, murdering, and enslaving anyone who doesn’t adhere to their strict radical brand of Islam. Syrian Christians have all but fled the country completely for fear of being wiped out. Christians have been in Syria for over a thousand years.

ISIS is committing an anti-Christian genocide in both Syria and neighboring Iraq.

In Iraq, Christians already have to deal with the government and other factions hostile to their existence beyond ISIS.

But it isn’t just isolated to those countries. In most parts of the Islamic Middle East, Christians are severely limited in their religious activities, and anyone found to have converted to Christianity can be sentenced to death.

Even in”secular” Egypt, attacks on Christians are on the rise.

Unfortunately our nation has done very little to help these struggling people of faith. But hopefully we can share this story and change things for Middle Eastern Christians

This is a heart-warming (but fictional) story from the Middle East in a time of great need for the Christians there. They are regularly murdered and persecuted for their beliefs.

This story is about a Muslim family that put their trust in Jesus, even when facing certain death. And they experienced a miracle.

Via¬†I’m So Blessed Daily:

It is just a story, but the persecution is very real. President Trump is working hard to save Middle Eastern Christians. Gold Bless Him.

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