The Navy Times reports our enlisted men and women are furious at what Michelle Obama just did. Not content with just regulating school lunches, First Lady Michelle Obama’s lunch control rules have now struck our Navy!

They can say goodbye to delicious fried food, such as french fries and breaded chicken. It is now BANNED! And whole milk will be replaced with soy milk or skim. Men and women in the Navy burns calories every day defending our liberties around the world, but now Michelle Obama won’t let them eat the food they love.

[Navy Secretary Ray] Mabus touted the SEALs’ “Fuel to Fight” program as an example. It increases the availability of lean-proteins, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates to fuel, rather than feed, the warfighter. Other galleys here have implemented “Go for Green,” a Department of Defense nutrition program that teaches sailors to recognize and select healthier foods.

Former and current Navy personnel are chiming in on Facebook. One asked on the Navy Times Facebook page, “Is Michelle Obama now playing big sister to the military hotline?”

And another one said, “First the kids, now the troops.

Vic Tegio opined, “How did Michelle Obama get into our galleys? That’s what workouts are for.”

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