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Michelle Obama Said WHAT About Farting?

At a recent event in Los Angeles addressing the problem of homeless veterans, First Lady Michelle Obama told a frighting story of a solder caught in a “fire fart” during wartime, according to The Daily Caller.

“There’s this soldier that we met just a month ago,” Obama told the crowd at a Los Angeles event addressing the plight of homeless veterans, “who was caught in a fire fart–fight in Afghanistan.”

The soldier returned home to find a bleak environment for veterans of war, according to Michelle’s prepared remarks at the event, which also featured a presentation from Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti.

“Just try putting yourselves in their shoes for just a moment,” Michelle said in her speech.

Indeed! No one wants to be in wartime surrounded by flatulence! Or, you know… guns, anti-aircraft missiles, and landmines are pretty deadly, too.

Come on Michelle, you can do better than that. Why do you have “farting” on the brain?