It’s not very often First Lady Michelle Obama says something that makes sense and brings a smile to our faces – but this is one rare exception. In six words, she said the one thing we can all agree on is good news.

“I will not run for president.”

On behalf of Americans everywhere, let me just say …


Of course, the remainder of what Michelle said was complete and utter nonsense, as she praised Hillary Clinton for being an “impressive” and “phenomenal woman” who has “made some pretty major contributions over the course of her life.”

You know, like supporting a serial sexual predator, risking national security by hiding a private email server, and failing to aid in the possible rescue of four Americans in Benghazi. Not to mention being a perpetual liar.

That is, after all, an ‘impressive’ and ‘phenomenal’ resume.

Via Politico:

Michelle Obama called Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton an “impressive” and a “phenomenal woman” on Wednesday in response to a 14-year-old’s question at a White House event, saying Clinton, like “many” of the other candidates, has devoted her life to public service.

“I think Hillary Clinton is a phenomenal woman, and I’ve gotten to know her, and I think she’s made some pretty major contributions over the course of her life,” the first lady said during an event with the children of executive office workers marking Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Obama reiterated that she doesn’t plan to run for president in the future like the former first lady who is seeking the Democratic nomination.

“Hillary Clinton is an impressive woman and I will not do what she has done, I will not run for president,” Obama said.

All is not well with Michelle Obama’s statement in the end, however. Though she said she would not run for President, Obama did hint that she would like to continue to perform public service.

Seriously, do the public a service and just go away.

This is all just a political admiration for Clinton – It is about holding onto power and keeping Obama’s legacy of fundamentally transforming America into just another country through Hillary.

A new book suggests that the Obamas and Clintons do not get along, so much so that Bill and Hillary have never been invited to a White House dinner in the last eight years.

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