Michelle Obama Humiliated As Her Netflix Documentary ‘Becoming’ Is Panned By Critics

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was humiliated in front of the entire nation when her new Netflix documentary “Becoming” was panned by critics across the board.

Michelle undoubtedly thought the mainstream media would give her movie top-rate reviews, but this did not happen at all. Instead, the film was slammed as “bland,” “self-celebratory,” and “paper-thin.”

“Becoming” follows Michelle on her book tour to promote her memoir of the same name, and it features her pushing her liberal agenda on Americans from all walks of life. Critics, however, were not fans of the movie, with Time magazine saying that Michelle “deserves more than a worshipful gaze” that the documentary offers.

“The big problem with Becoming is that of all the people who don’t need a hagiography, Obama is pretty much tops on the list,” critic Stephanie Zacharek wrote. “Obama deserves so much more than the worshipful glassy gaze of this documentary; she’s so far beyond it that it can barely contain her.”

Indiewire went even more harsh on Michelle, describing her documentary as “bland” and assigning it a C+ rating: “While the film’s star and subject is never less than dazzling, even her most inspiring moments can’t obscure a paper-thin exploration of a remarkable life in transition,” wrote critic Kate Erbland, adding that the movie amounts to an “unfocused collection of concepts that could all inspire their own films.”

Even the super-liberal The New York Times said the documentary feels “routine” and that many elements come off as “stagy.”

“It hits all the notes of a megastar choosing to share her life with the public,” critic Lovia Gyarkye wrote, adding that the movie “is not the candid Michelle Obama film that people might have been waiting for.”

Finally, New York magazine’s Vulture said the movie was “self-celebratory” and “guarded.”

Becoming is an act of legacy burnishing, no doubt, but it doesn’t feel like it’s laying the groundwork for a future campaign from its subject, no matter how adored it makes her look,” critic Alison Willmore wrote. For someone who is as used to being kissed up to by the media as much as Michelle is, this one has got to hurt!

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on May 8, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • becoming should be renamed as became, because it became a fiasco, a classic tale of two fruities, and a non hait raising piece of drivvel that should have been used as dumpster filler.

  • This MUST obviously be because of racism, right? No, sorry to disappoint you, Michelle, it's not. And PS: You do not walk on water, contrary to the Media's perception...

  • There is only so much narcissism people can choke down. Eight years of her and her husband overflowed the cup. Now just go away.

  • We have grown very tired of taking the high road and getting pushed around by polite and complacent RINOs. Those days are gone. We are fighting back now. No more Mr. Nice guy.

  • I remember the first time I saw that, I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face. My first thought was she grabbed a sheet off the bed to wear,
    and the sparkly boots LOL. She must had gone shopping by herself and picked out her own clothes.

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