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Press Barred from Michelle Obama’s Bushnell Speech

Former First Lady Michelle Obama will be speaking this Thursday at the The Bushnell performing arts center in Connecticut. Attendees will have the pleasure of learning the trials and tribulations of the former First Lady who is still adjusting to life in Trump’s America.

The only problem is, us peons won’t know much of happens during the speech. Michelle’s entourage is ensuring that no members of the press are allowed at the event.

From the Hartford Courant: “Doris Sugarman, co-founder and executive director of the Connecticut Forum, said Obama’s agent, the Harry Walker Agency, stipulated that the speech be closed to the media.”

Curious. Curious indeed.

There’s no indication that Mrs. Obama will be speaking on anything controversial. So why bar the press from attending?

It’s an open question, but I have a few theories. The past few weeks have been a roller-coaster ride for liberals. Starting with the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault revelations, it seems like all of Hollywood has been plagued by scandal. Like dominoes, leftist actors are falling down, one after another, as more and more women come out accusing them of sexual harassment, assault, or, even worse, rape.

So what does this have to do with Michelle Obama? Well, her buddy Weinstein has effectively had his career destroyed. Likewise, a number of actors whom Michelle is buddies with have also been accused.

Michelle once called Weinstein a “good friend.” Is she afraid all of the Hollywood revelations will lead to awkward questions from the press or the audience?

And let’s not forget about former President Bill Clinton. In recent days, liberals have begun to reexamine Clinton’s treatment of women. Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick expressed surprise that the New York Times was actually calling liberals out for not believing her story. Could Michelle be avoiding that controversy?

We don’t know for sure. One thing is for sure, though: Liberals are on the defensive now. The American people have been clued into the disgusting sexual escapades that go on within Hollywood, and even in the White House.

We smell a rat. So why is Michelle Obama hiding now?

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