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Michael Phelps Makes POWERFUL Statement About His Christian Faith

Michael Phelps

American Olympic hero, swimmer Michael Phelps, wasn’t always at the top of the world.

After being arrested and caught doing drugs in 2014, he felt his career and his life was over. Phelps was so depressed that he had contemplated ending his life.

But on the verge of ending everything, Phelps received guidance from devout Christian and NFL legend Ray Lewis.

The hard-hitting linebacker gave the super-swimmer a book by Pastor Rick Warren. That book saved Phelps’ life and his soul.

More via Christian Today:

Lewis called up his buddy and told him, “This is when we fight. This is when real character shows up. Don’t shut down. If you shut down we all lose.”

Lewis convinced Phelps to seek help at the Meadows, a behavioural rehab facility outside Phoenix.

Phelps heeded his friend’s advice and entered the rehab facility carrying a book Lewis gave him, “The Purpose Driven Life,” by Rick Warren.

After reading the book for a couple days at the Meadows, Phelps called Lewis. “Man this book is crazy!” he exclaimed. “The thing that’s going on…oh my gosh…my brain, I can’t thank you freaking enough, man. You saved my life.”

Phelps told ESPN that the book “turned me into believing there is a power greater than myself and there is a purpose for me on this planet.”

Warren’s book also convinced Phelps to reconcile with his estranged father, Fred, who divorced his wife when Phelps was just 9 years old.

I’m so glad that Phelps was able to turn his life around and over to Christ. He is a true American treasure and is a wonderful ambassador for us in the Olympic pool. Just last night, he won Gold again in the 4×100 freestyle relay.

Stay tuned for more of our Olympic coverage. And Go Team USA!

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