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Donald Trump Jr. Makes Michael Moore Look Like A Fool Over Irma Tweet

On Friday, when Florida was still bracing itself for the arrival of Hurricane Irma, documentary filmmaker and noted liberal loudmouth Michael Moore had the bright idea to get a head start on politicizing the disaster when he tweeted this:

Note how the tweet is so flippant that Moore didn’t even bother to use President Donald Trump’s name. Not only that, but Moore was so eager to bash Trump that he also apparently forgot that Mar-a-Largo is located in Palm Beach, which was directly in the projected path of Irma. That’s not exactly an ideal location for escaping the wrath of a category 4 hurricane. On Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. pointed out this very obvious fact to Moore:

Boom! How great is it that Trump Jr. shut down Moore so decisively?

But Twitter didn’t need Trump Jr.’s comeback to recognize the idiocy – and the agenda – of Moore’s tweet:

But perhaps the award for best response goes to Twitter user @graywolf:

I’d say Moore should stick to writing plays, but no one wants him to do that, either.

It’s sad to watch liberals like Moore struggle to attack President Trump when all he’s trying to do is help America get through these natural disasters. If whiny Democrats like Moore had any shame, they’d lay off Trump and let him do his job.

H/T: DailyWire

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