Michael Cohen Swipes At Trump as he Reports to Prison

The former attorney for President Trump, Michael Cohen, reported to prison today to begin serving a three-year sentence after pleading guilty last year to numerous crimes.

Cohen told reporters gathered outside his apartment as he left that “there still remains much to be told.”

Considering he testified for hours before Congress in February and had plenty to say about Trump at the time, it’d be easy to assume that his statement is code for ‘I’ll tell people whatever they want to hear.’

As any good pet of the Democrat party would, he also took a shot at the President on his way to prison.

“I hope that when I rejoin my family and friends that the country will be in a place without xenophobia, injustice and lies at the helm of our country,” Cohen said.

Those are practically Democrat talking points right there. Sorry to say, Mr. Cohen, but three years in prison means you’ll be getting out mid-way through Trump’s second term.

Why’s He Headed to Prison?

In short, because he’s a liar.

He pled guilty to lying to Congress about a Trump Tower project in Russia, as well as admitting to financial crimes involving a hush-money payoff to adult film star, Stormy Daniels.

According to Fox News, Cohen will have a new job in prison, possibly either “mowing the grounds or cleaning up the visiting room.”

But Why Does He Sound Like a Democrat Now?

There are several explanations as to why Cohen suddenly sounds like a washed-up Democrat auditioning for a role on CNN.

One, it’s not unheard of to start flailing wildly and creating lies as you yourself are caught concocting stories and hoaxes to take down the President. Cohen’s testimony months ago was supposed to result in Trump’s ouster in the eyes of many on the left. Instead, he was exposed and again referred to the Department of Justice for alleged perjury during his hearing.

He’s a perpetual liar – a calling card of the resistance party.

Two, Cohen has practically been coached by the Democrats, spending multiple hours prepping for his testimony with staffers of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

And that right there is how you turn your own journey to prison into an indictment against the President’s so-called xenophobia. Textbook liberal.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Bull crap. He is on his way to jail. What do you expect him to say? Tell the truth now, if there is more truth to tell. What do you have to lose? Naw, he has nothing.

  • He’s the worst kind of lawyer out there. Worse than an ambulance chaser. Totally disregarding attorney/client fiduciary privacy, recording and exposing client conversations. He will never be allowed to practice law again so he’s counting on a book deal. He’s also fallen for the Dems BS counting on them to protect and support him. Now they’ve discovered he is no help in their war on Trump so he is being kicked to the curb. Who will be stupid enough to buy a book from that POS? He and Avenatti need to be placed in general population in the meanest prison we have.

  • Cohen got a 5 star place to serve his 3 year sentence. Way too easy for his crimes. Lined up barracks instead of cells, meager jobs to handle, good food, and tennis courts to boot. No doubt he will be spending most of his time writing a book of lies about Trump. May the time pass slowly for you.

  • His ‘prison’ is more like a country club than an actual prison!! Three hots and a cot is not what he’s getting!

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