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Michael Bloomberg Blasts Bernie – Says His Policies Are ‘Communism’

Former New York City Mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg blasted Bernie Sanders during Wednesday night’s debate, accusing the Vermont senator of supporting communist policies.

Sanders explained his plan to empower workers during the NBC debate, which included giving them 20 percent ownership of the companies they work for, and opening the doors for workers to sit on corporate boards.

‘We tried that… it was called communism and it just didn’t work’

Bloomberg got fed up with Sanders’ rhetoric, and when asked his opinion of Sanders’ proposals by the moderators, the former mayor said it would just help re-elect Trump.

“This is ridiculous, we’re not going to throw out capitalism, we tried that, other countries tried that, it was called communism and it just didn’t work,” Bloomberg said.

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Warren and Sanders immediately threw up their hands, objected to Bloomberg’s description of these policies. You could hear a collective groan among the candidates.

Bloomberg defended the fact that he’s a billionaire and claimed that he was spending his wealth to help America.

“I’ve been very lucky, made a lot of money, and I’m giving it all away to make this country better,” he said. “And a good chunk of it goes to the Democratic party as well.”

Bernie Says ‘Socialism’ is Different from ‘Communism’

Sanders later said Bloomberg using the word communism to describe him was a “cheap shot,” telling the audience that he is instead a “democratic socialist.”

Sanders then explained how he believes his view of socialism is different from the “communist” quip Bloomberg offered.

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If You Needed a Reminder of How Extreme Democrats Have Become…

The very fact that terms like “communism” and “socialism” are being raised in a mainstream Democratic presidential debate is all you need to know about how extreme this party has become.

Michael Bloomberg might not be a good president, but he’s absolutely right about communism, the Democrats who continue to promote it and the damage it would bring.