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Report: Mitch McConnell And Mike Lee Support Merrick Garland For FBI Director

President Trump is moving fast on picking a new FBI Director after firing James Comey last week. Several big names were pitched, but there is one name that has popped up that has people scratching their heads: former Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

Earlier this week Utah Senator Mike Lee suggested that the DC Circuit Court of Appeals Judge would be a good fit for the FBI Directorship.

Democrats were quick to endorse the idea.

Now there are reports that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is also backing the move.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s former chief of staff, Josh Holmes, on Sunday declared his old boss’s strong support for the potential nomination of Merrick Garland as FBI director.

“I think the Senate majority leader thinks that’s a fantastic idea,” Holmes said during a panel discussion on “Fox News Sunday.” He was reacting to Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, floating the idea last week. “It’s somebody who obviously Democrats have significant trust and respect for, they’ve articulated that over the last year, and someone who can do the job impartially and I think he is going to be prepared to make that suggestion,” he added

The reasoning behind Merrick Garland’s potential nomination

Putting Garland on the court would serve two purposes.

First, it would neuter Democratic talking points about Trump picking one of his cronies. Democrats heaped lavish praise upon Garland during his failed SCOTUS nomination. He’s a shoe-in for confirmation.

Second, Garland vacating his position on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals would open up another judgeship. Experts consider The DC Circuit the 2nd most powerful court in the country. Trump is already beginning to fill the judiciary with an all-star line-up. The chance to put another conservative on the DC Circuit would be too good to pass up.

However, a lot of Democrats think the Garland nomination is a head-fake. Democrats wouldn’t want to lose a vital court seat nor give Trump an easy confirmation process.

What do you think Would Merrick Garland be a good choice to the Supreme Court? Share your thoughts.