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Melania Trump Is the Victim of Internet Trolls and Others During Her G7 Appearance

By MomZette Staff | August 26, 2019

A flurry of headlines by a variety of mainstream media outlets on Monday and over the weekend practically speak for themselves.

It appears that, once again, far too many people on the Left — whether they work in the media or not — can’t resist making fun of America’s smart, elegant and attractive first lady Melania Trump no matter what she does.

Here’s one headline about Mrs. Trump, for example: “Melania Trump appears smitten by Canadian leader Justin Trudeau — and the internet loves it.”

That one was courtesy of the New York Daily News.

Then there was this one: “‘Melania is ready to risk it all’: first lady’s Trudeau encounter delights internet.”

That was courtesy of The Guardian.


(Yes, the headline appeared in all capitals as per that outlet’s style.)

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Newsweek wrote up the piece this way: “The tongue-in-cheek Twitter intrigue questioning President Donald Trump’s relationship with his wife was piqued by a series of news wire photographs which attempt to portray the seemingly intimate moment between Melania Trump and [Canadian leader] Trudeau about to share a kiss. Several pictures emerged Sunday of the Trumps holding hands to pose for a picture at the G7 summit in Biarritz, France, but as a frustrated — or perhaps ashamed — Donald Trump looks straight ahead, his wife can be seen enjoying a cozy moment with the Canadian Prime Minister.”

It went on: “#MelaniaLovesTrudeau is only the latest iteration of trends attempting to stir up social intrigue and baseless relationship rumors between the two neighboring nations’ first families.”

Did folks in the mainstream media and on the Left ever say this sort of thing — even if “tongue-in-cheek” — about former first lady Michele Obama when she admired, oh, Jay Z, just to name one individual, during her years in the White House with Barack Obama?

No — to the contrary, they lavished praise on her for virtually anything and everything she did.

Here’s some other coverage of Melania Trump at the G7 — see these tweets and share your thoughts. (Some folks, at least, gave her props for her stunning fashion sense.)

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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