Melania Trump Fires Back At Vanity Fair Story Claiming She ‘Didn’t Want To Be First Lady’

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WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 03: First lady Melania Trump prepares to depart with her husband US President Donald Trump from the White House on Marine One, November 3, 2017 in Washington, DC. President Trump is embarking on a five country, 11 day trip throughout Asia. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Melania Trump has done an excellent job in her role as First Lady. She’s visited children’s hospitals around the world; she’s endlessly gracious, humble, and poised; and, of course, her fashion is always impeccable. America hasn’t seen a First Lady so elegant, feminine, and stylish since Jackie Kennedy – and liberals simply can’t handle it.

So what do they do in order to cope? They resort to attacking Melania, of course.

Vanity Fair is the most recent liberal outlet to take a shot at our First Lady. On Monday, the magazine published an article claiming that Melania had zero interest in being First Lady – and she only went along with her husband’s campaign because she had no other choice.

In the article, Vanity Fair writer Sarah Ellison quotes an unnamed “longtime friend of the Trumps'” as saying, “This isn’t something [Melania] wanted and it isn’t something [Trump] ever thought he’d win. She didn’t want this come hell or high water. I don’t think she thought it was going to happen.”

However, earlier on in the piece, Ellison quotes former Trump adviser Roger Stone as saying that it was Melania who convinced Trump to run for president in the first place. “She knew it was in his blood,” she quotes Stone. “He always wanted to run. She is the one who pushed him to run just by saying run or do not run.”

In April 2016, Donald Trump revealed that Melania was hesitant about his campaign. According to Trump, Melania told him, “I hope you don’t do it, but if you run, you’ll win.” In other words, Melania was supportive of Trump’s decision either way. And that’s the role she’s continued to have in the White House: a supporter of her husband.

Indeed, it seems that Vanity Fair’s real problem with Melania is that she hasn’t attempted to wade more into policy like her predecessor, Michelle Obama. Instead, Melania is filling a more traditional role as a party and event planner and host – a role that she’s flourishing in. And on Monday, she fired back at Vanity Fair’s claim that she didn’t want to be First Lady.

This is exactly what Melania said during an interview with CNN earlier this month. Meanwhile, on the campaign trail in 2012 Michelle Obama complained that being First Lady isn’t a paid job.

Again, Vanity Fair just can’t handle how wonderful Melania is in her traditional, supportive role, so they’ve resorted to attacking her. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a magazine that put the Obamas on its best dressed list but excluded Melania.

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