Poll Shows Melania Trump Is a More Popular First Lady Than Hillary

A newly released Fox News poll shows that First Lady Melania Trump is more popular than when Hillary Clinton was in the same role during her husband’s presidency.

The numbers indicate Melania’s approval ratings have risen sharply to 51%.

That matches former president Bill Clinton in his first year in office, but bests Hillary, whose approval sat at 49%.

Even more recently, Hillary’s favorability rating had fallen to 41%, a drop of two points from where it stood during election time in November.

Via AOL:

As President Donald Trump’s approval rating remains historically low, the first lady’s popularity has been blossoming as of late, surpassing not only her husband but now former first lady Hillary Clinton.

According to a new FOX News poll, Melania Trump holds a approval rating of 51 percent, an increase of 16 points since last August.

When Clinton was first lady, she was close behind at 49 percent. Former President Bill Clinton had the same approval rating as Melania his first year as president.

Odd, Hillary always seemed like such a charming individual, as evidenced by this paragraph from a Vanity Fair article in 1993:

Washingtonians have come to regard the White House as a version of Clue, in which the latest rumor is always a variation of Colonel Hillary in the Library with a Knife. The First Lady has thrown (a) a vase, (b) a lamp, or (c) a Bible; at (a) her husband, (b) a Secret Service agent, or (c) a steward; (a) in the private quarters, (b) at Blair House, or (c) in a limo. When the president comes downstairs one morning with scratches on his face, reporters at the next two press briefings are obsessed with wild, salacious speculation.

While 51% may not seem high, it’s certainly impressive to attain a majority of support in such a polarizing political atmosphere.

Her numbers have risen from just 25% approval a year ago according to Gallup.

Fox had a 35% approval rating last summer, and was still sitting at a mere 37% for Melania in December, right before her husband took office.

A recent column in The Hill attributes Melania’s rising numbers to the fact that America is learning more about the First Lady, and they’re liking what they see.

“After stepping forward on the national stage by moving into the White House last month,” they wrote, “the First Lady is becoming better known and better liked across party lines.”

Michelle Obama tops both Melania and Hillary in the popularity poll during her first year as First Lady, coming in with an impressive 73%.

Who do you think is the best First Lady – Melanie, Michelle, or Hillary? Share your thoughts below!

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Melania Trump is a Fashion model. And, her style is not her own. I have nothing against her, but she is like a robot, with set controls, and words. She has a long way to go, to ever be the first lady Michelle Obama was , or even Hillary, for that matter. I actually feel sorry for Melania, being married to a man who treats her like a broken doll or stepchild...As far as a first lady, she doesn't do much, other than pose, fix her hair constantly, and frown unhappily. Of course there is the occasional smile, when she first walks onto a stage. She relies solely on her looks..She talked about Cyber bulling as something she would like to tackle. Well, I haven't heard anything about it since the campaign ended. What really strikes me as funny, is hat her husband, POTUS, is the biggest Cyber Bully of them all. Let's see if she can get him to stop....Please, let's not confuse intelligence & true passion for civil service, with beauty pageantry. UGH!

  • Such a wonderful representative of today's American woman. The other two frumps were so easy to ignore and forget.

  • Another immigrant who gets paid to do a job, and DOES it.

    Pity that she came here on a tourist visa and worked illegally. Sort of blows Trump's whole prevent illegal aliens meme. Although she did take the place of the woman who took the place of an American worker.

    Have to wonder who is his current mistress?

  • And the PI poll: Hillary.....0%.....Moochelle:....1.27%.....Melania....98.37% hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! NO MORE FIRST WOOKIE!!

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