On Monday, Megyn Kelly ripped the idea of masks, saying “you can’t guilt me” forever into wearing a mask and added that doing so feels like President Joe “Biden’s hand” is over her mouth.

Kelly made her comments during an interview with New York Times reporter David Leonhardt on her SiriusXM “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast.

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Kelly: ‘I just don’t think masks are necessarily the answer’

“I will say, I think we are now at the point where it is unreasonable to tell the rest of us that we have to live a certain way or we have to do a certain thing,” Kelly said.

Kelly continued, “We did our part. It’s been 18 months. We’re Americans. We have freedom in our spirits. We’re not built this way.” 

“Couldn’t we do away with the masks and increase testing,” Kelly added, asking her guest.

“I just don’t think masks are necessarily the answer,” Kelly said. “I just think they’re so intrusive.”

Kelly went on, “I stayed out of the sun for 30 years so that I could have relatively decent skin by the time I was 51, and I have it, and I don’t feel the need hide it behind a disgusting mask that can cause outbreaks.”

Watch the segment starting at 1:10:00

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Kelly: ‘I almost feel like I have Joe Biden’s hand over my mouth’

“My skin looks better without that damn mask on,” she said. “I don’t want to hide behind it. I also just find it annoying, it hurts the back of my ears after a while and I don’t like that. And I really hate seeing it on my kids.”

“Another thing I hate about it is I feel like it’s wearing a Democratic virtue signal,” she added. “It has morphed into a political symbol and one that I don’t support.”

Kelly then said, “I almost feel like I have Joe Biden’s hand over my mouth. It’s something I don’t want. He’s making me have it.”

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“I do want to say, ‘Get your hand off my face, I did what you wanted me to do for almost two years, and now I want to move on,’” Kelly continued. “‘I can’t….you can’t guilt me forever with a do your part.’ I did and so did America.”


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