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Megyn Kelly Just Made A HUGE Announcement About Tonight’s GOP Debate!

Megyn Kelly

Fox News and Donald Trump have a long history, and much of it is negative.

Until recently, it was clear the network was favoring Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) for president and was no fan of Trump. But Trump’s support is so massive that his conflicts with Fox News host Megyn Kelly are why conservatives are abandoning the network.

Tonight is the final Republican primary debate that matters, and Megyn Kelly made a huge announcement for how she will handle Donald J. Trump.

Kelly promised to not focus on the old battles, and she’s tired of it. Apparently Fox News is tired of fighting Trump, and Megyn Kelly is moving on:

“Frankly, I have been ready for seven months to move beyond what happened after that August debate,” Kelly said in a recent interview. “I feel like it’s getting boring. Trump has bigger things to worry about, and so do I.” […]

Kelly said she has not prepared a comeback if Trump gets personal. “I have my questions,” she said. “That’s all I need.”

She promised to focus on the issues for every candidate, trying to get the remaining Republican candidates on record about their views on critical issues:

“They will have to own those positions or try to wiggle out,” she said. “But there is not that much wiggle room left on some of these things.”

Via Yahoo News

Dr. Ben Carson confirmed that he will skip this debate and is officially ending his campaign shortly.

Fox News knows that Donald Trump is solely responsible for the record-breaking 24 million viewers who watched the Fox News debate in August.

They are a cable news channel and advertising pays the bills… treating Donald Trump fairly is how Fox News can continue it’s financial success, which is why Megyn Kelly’s bosses probably instructed her to put an end to this battle.

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