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Megyn Kelly EXPOSED – Caught Saying THIS About Trump Off-Camera!

Megyn Kelly

A bombshell report shows that immediately following Fox News’ GOP debate last night in Des Moines, IA… controversial moderator Megyn Kelly said something off-the-air about Donald Trump.

During an interview with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), he exposed Kelly’s bias by noting she has been referring to Trump as “Lord Voldemort”… the evil character from the popular “Harry Potter” book series:

Cruz cited a conversation he had with Kelly, who has been engaged in a public feud with Trump, before going on air. According to Cruz, Kelly had apparently called Trump “Voldemort.”

“Well, you know, you were joking just before we went on air that it was sort of like Voldemort — he who must not be named,” Cruz said.

Via Breitbart

At no point did Kelly deny the comment. Instead, she smiled and responded by asking if there was a “pact” among the GOP candidates not to discuss Trump on stage.

But the next morning, Fox News’ corporate office has been doing damage control by claiming Megyn Kelly would never call Trump that.

Check out the video report here:

And here’s the incident:

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