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Megyn Kelly Can’t Take Democrat Pollster’s Obamacare Lies: “IT’S ALL BS!”

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is a brilliant and fair lawyer. But she just had one guest on her show who tried to spin so much nonsense about Obamacare that Kelly SNAPPED!

Watch (above) as Megyn puts her head in her hands at the outrageous claims by Democrat pollster Bernard Whitman, founder of Whitman Insight Strategies. After lamenting how bad it was to have an Obama crony who wrote the job-killing healthcare law to call the American public “stupid,” Whitman had the nerve to say that EVERYONE knew what was in Obamacare.

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His defense? Because of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts’ controversial Swiss-cheese legal opinion which turned Obamacare into a tax, which is a debate that wasn’t really before the court. It is a legal opinion that is highly political and hardly grounded in the Constitution, which is why even the greatest legal scholars aren’t sure how Roberts reached his shameful decision.

Then, Whitman continues his surface-level talking points by claiming that Obamacare has brought down the deficit by almost $100 billion largely due to Medicaid reductions. This a blatant lie, as the Senate Budget Committee reports Obamacare is already on track to add $131 billion to the federal deficits over the period 2015 to 2024… and that’s not accounting for all the unforeseen problems with this law which seem to appear on daily basis.

In response to this line of thinking, a furious Megyn exclaimed, “It’s all BS!” And that Gruber “was saying the system was set up to hide its true nature, which is wealth redistribution. He had to lie!”

Maybe Whitman’s propaganda is good enough for MSNBC, but something tells me Megyn won’t have this jerk back on air.

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