Meghan McCain was not impressed as she reacted to President Donald Trump taking shots at House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and the portions of Baltimore within his congressional district.

The conservative The View host joined George Stephanopoulos on Sunday to participate on This Week‘s panel discussion on Trump’s racially-charged tweets. McCain noted that Robert Mueller’s hearing “wasn’t the big win Democrats wanted it to be,” but continued by saying Trump “fumbles over his own narrative” with his “race-baiting” tweets saying Baltimore is “infested.”

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McCain: “There’s a lot of pain in the country right now…I know on our show, there’s been a lot of pain on air and people coming into the studio as well. This is not a winning narrative that’s going to move Republicans forward in this election.

“What are we going to do with the next generation of conservatives?”

“This is what they’re going to see. They’re going to see these headlines and instead of talking about the substance and what really matters, we’re talking about whether or not the president is racist or not?”

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It’s not a “narrative,” it’s the truth. If liberals cannot stand up and face the truth then they have to suffer the consequences.

If Cummings is committed to his constituents as he claims, and makes frequent visits as he claims, and works to better his district as he claims, he must be doing one lousy job. Baltimore is a great place to avoid unless it’s absolutely necessary. However, he is not a complete failure as a congressman because he and his wife have made a great deal of money since he has been in office.

Baltimore is a mess – not as bad as Chicago but getting there and now the NYPD police union is saying that things in the city are getting worse thanks to the socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio. Liberal policies keep cities in poverty, homeless, crime-ridden, and rat-infested. That is just a fact.