Megan Rapinoe Claims There Is No God – Cites Her Own Championship Injury As ‘Proof’

Megan Rapinoe
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Megan Rapinoe, who has long fancied herself to be the woke Colin Kaepernick of the women’s soccer world, is speaking out to claim that the injury she suffered in the final match of her career on Saturday is “proof” that there is no God.

Rapinoe Claims There Is No God

The New York Post reported that just six minutes into the game between OL Reign and Gotham FC in the National Women’s Soccer League Championship on Saturday night, Rapinoe went down saying that she thought she had torn her Achilles. In a press conference afterwards, Rapinoe said that she would get the “Aaron Rodgers treatment” to try and recover from the injury, adding that she would reach out to him or whoever performed his surgery.

“I’m not a religious person or anything and if there was a God, like, this is proof that there isn’t,” said Rapinoe, 38. “This is f—ed up. It’s just f—ed up. Six minutes in and I eat my Achilles.”

Rapinoe was injured as she tried to make a play on defense, and she was visibly emotional as she was taken off the field, ending her soccer career in the worst way possible. Before she left, Rapinoe could be seen hugging her former USWNT teammate Ali Krieger, who plays for Gotham FC and was also playing the last game of her career.

“Everyone is always like, ‘Who kicked me?’ And obviously, no one was even around me, and I was pressing,” Rapinoe said afterwards. “That’s what it felt like. Just a huge pop and I can’t even feel where the Achilles is, but pretty sure I tore my Achilles. The worst possible outcome. Thank God I have a f—ing deep well of a sense of humor. It’s devastating to go out in a final so early.”

“That’s life; it’s part of the game,” she continued, according to ESPN. “I was feeling really good before the game, wasn’t feeling tight or wasn’t having calf issues or anything. You don’t always get to have the perfect ending.”

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Rapinoe’s Recovery

As for her upcoming recovery, Rapinoe had a blunt attitude about it.

“I’m most upset that I’m now just a ‘NARP’, a normal-ass regular person having to do rehab, which is f—ing devastating,” she said. “It’s just f—ed up.”

Though her career did not end the way that she wanted it to, Rapinoe feels lucky to have been playing professional soccer since 2006.

“I feel so lucky and so grateful to have played as long as I’ve played and to have played with the incredible players that I’ve played [with],” Rapinoe said. “Every sort of new cycle that I’ve come with, I’ve gotten close to certain players and built relationships and played with some of the very best players in the world.”

“I’m looking forward to retirement,” she concluded. “I’m retiring on the field, but you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of me off of it.”

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Rapinoe’s Woke History

The radically liberal Rapinoe became a household name back in 2016, when she followed Kaepernick’s lead and started taking a knee during the national anthem before her games. While Rapinoe doesn’t know what she will do next, she has thankfully ruled out going into politics herself.

“I do want to live my life,” she recently said when asked about running for office, according to NPR. “Probably selfishly I just am like, ‘That seems like a lot.'”

Rapinoe’s latest comments about her own injury being proof that there is no God just shows once again how narcissistic she really is. We’re just glad that her soccer career is finally over, and we can only hope that she fades into anonymity so that we don’t have to listen to any of her rants again!

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