Media Tries to Stir up Controversy Over Malia Obama’s Anti-Trump Facebook Post

The media is attempting once again to manufacture a conservative controversy surrounding former first daughter Malia Obama’s secret Facebook page.

The page, purportedly used by Malia during her senior year in high school and the gap year prior to college, features photos of her traveling with friends including the granddaughter of former Vice President Joe Biden.

But what really caught the eye of the Daily Mail was a lone post which provides a not-so-flattering portrayal of the man who succeeded her father, President Trump.

“Malia Obama’s secret Facebook account reveals just how much former First Daughter hates her father’s successor,” screams the headline accompanying the story.

The media outlet also ran a story about Malia being underage and drinking wine at a Miami Beach pool party.


What’s the Alleged Controversy?

Despite later describing the Facebook page as chronicling Malia Obama’s “remarkably typical teenage years,” the report focuses on an image which shows a series of post-it notes containing messages disparaging toward President Trump.

The notes read: “Donald Trump is President,” “This is not normal,” “Donald Trump is evil” and “Don’t be complacent.”

Oh, and she also drank wine months before her 21st birthday. Which puts her in a group of roughly everybody else on the planet.

That’s it?

Granted, calling the President ‘evil’ isn’t the best form, but this was posted when she was a teenager. It’s not as if she went all Kathy Griffin with her hatred of the President and hey, she’s granted a little animosity considering the man has pretty much, to the benefit of America, undone her father’s legacy.

Media Looking to Turn This Into a Conservative Problem

Leftists on social media are already trying to turn the Daily Mail reporting into an allegation that conservatives are attacking Malia.

To the contrary, a quick Google search shows that nary a single mainstream outlet or blog is covering the story at all. In short, nobody really seems to care what the former First Daughter did as a teenager.


Conservatives are keen on how the media works these days. They know exactly what the talking point will be by the time the media cycle opens up for the week.


That’s clearly not the reality, though …


They’ve Tried This Before

There are two instances of this media narrative we’ve seen in recent months.

In September, the media tried to generate outrage at Malia for a music video in which she appeared at Harvard. We described Obama’s appearance in the video as her seeming “slightly more reserved” and the song as “a good, clean, simple effort from a band of nerds.”

Hardly a controversy.

The other contrived media controversy involved New York socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appearing in a dance video that absolutely nobody legitimate from the right side of the social media sphere took offense to.


We’re months out from that supposed controversy and liberals are still pretending conservatives were outraged at her dance moves.

High school and college-aged kids do stupid things sometimes. They do things that might not make them look perfectly prim and proper. Most people understand that and don’t care.

It’s the media seeking to create outrage and sow division even over the most mundane things that care.

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