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Media Gushes Over North Korea During Olympics

As anti-Trump as the American media is, I never expected liberal journalists to go from comparing the Trump presidency to authoritarian rule to praising an actual authoritarian in the course of a week.

Somehow, these liberal boot-lickers managed to do just that, praising North Korea for their “diplomacy” at the Winter Olympics. Why? Because apparently the fact that North Korea actually bothered to show up is a sign of progress… as they simultaneously step up threats to nuke the U.S. mainland. Before the Olympics began, a number of media outlets actually had the foresight to warn others not to fall for North Korea’s propaganda.

And they quickly forgot their own advice.

CNN posted a now-deleted tweet, accompanied by an article about how Kim Jong Un’s sister is “stealing the show at the Winter Olympics.”

And despite the immense blowback they received, that was just the first of many.


The media also adored the children forced at gunpoint to perform:

For some perspective, courtesy of the Daily Wire:

While these women are cheering, in North Korea, the people are starving. One man reported he was once so hungry he was willing to eat rice out of dried vomit.

While these women are cheering, in North Korea, children as young as 12 are reportedly forced to witness public executions of those who deign to defy the government.

While these women are cheering, in North Korea, women are being forced into horrible conditions. One woman reported she was forced to have an abortion when she was three months pregnant, without anesthetic, after she attempted escape.

And since you’ve suffered through that media craziness, you can take comfort in knowing that every single news outlet that published such pieces was overwhelmed with negative (or perhaps “sane” is a better description) reactions in response.

Here were some of the voices of sanity:

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