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Most civilians would never know the bravery of the men and women of the Armed Forces who watch over this country. They sign up, they volunteer, and they put their lives on the line for people they don’t know but swore to protect.

One of those unique individuals was Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Edward Byers. Byers was the second assaulter on the mission and engaged multiple enemies with both his rifle and his bare hands while using his body to shield American doctor Dilip Joseph.

Byers is the Navy’s first living Medal of Honor recipient in decades, and just the third Navy SEAL to be awarded the Medal of Honor during the Global War on Terror for his actions during a 2012 mission to save an American hostage held by the Taliban.

For the first time, Byers talked with the media about that night:

“He saw a guard come out of the door and he engaged the guard and we started sprinting towards the door,” Byers said. “Nick made his way in and I made my way in right behind him.”

Byers said he took out one enemy as he made his way along one of the inside walls, then jumped on another who was crawling across the floor. After Joseph responded to his calling out for him, Byers dispatched the enemy on the floor then moved over to shield Joseph from any possible fire.

“When I did that there was a guy right behind him within arm’s reach, he was armed, and I was able to pin that guy to the wall by his throat while I’m holding the doctor and waiting for my team mates to come in and take care of the threat right next to us,” he recalled.

Once outside, however, he saw Checque being treated by medics. Byers, who is also a medic, handed Johnson off to other team members and began helping to care for Checque. He said they continued resuscitating efforts on Checque until they reached the hospital, where the 28-year-old was pronounced dead.

Byers said he didn’t consider himself a hero, applying that title instead to his fellow SEALs and, in particular, Checque.

“Nick embodied what it is in essence to be an American hero,” he said. “He forever will be remembered in the pages of history for the sacrifices he made.”

Byers said he is honored and humbled to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

“Because now I’ll be a representative for the Navy and the Special Warfare community,” he said. “And there is a weight that that carries with it, and that weight is the sacrifices that everybody has made within this community, guys like Nic Checque and all my other brothers who have fallen.

“It’s an affirmation once again of the job that we do, an appreciation of the job that we do,” he said.

Asked what he plans to do after receiving the award, Byers put it very simply.

“I’m going to continue being a SEAL. I’m going to take whatever job or mission is next for me and just continue doing that. I don’t have any plans on changing my job at this time. I still love what I do and as long as I still love what I do, I’m going to continue doing it.”

When pressed if he considers himself a hero, Byers put the attention back onto Nic Cheque.

“Nic embodied the essence of what it is to be an American hero. He will forever be remembered in the pages of history for the sacrifices he made.”

I love sharing these types of stories because it shows you just how important our men and women are and the roles they play in keeping our country safe.

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