McCain Unleashed: Senator Rips Obama and Kerry on Iran Deal


As the administration continues to get hammered over being punked by the Iranian regime for their recent nuclear ‘deal,’ more and more people are stepping out of the shadows and blasting the President.

As such, Senator John McCain appeared on the Hugh Hewitt show recently and went after Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry.

After hearing a clip in which the President actually likens Iran to America, McCain responded that “only an insane person would compare the United States of America with” Iran.

“You can’t make it up,” he said.

“Only an insane person would compare the United States of America with a country that is governed by the ayatollahs who regularly hang people… a terrorist nation.”

Take a listen…

In response to the Supreme Leader of Iran blasting the U.S. and the President for having lied about their recent nuclear deal, McCain hinted that the Ayatollah is probably right and that Kerry tried to sell a bill of goods.

“John Kerry must have known what was in it, and yet chose to interpret it in another way,” he said. “It’s probably in black and white that the Ayatollah is probably right.”

He added, “I think you’re going to find out that they had never agreed to the things that John Kerry claimed that they had.”

“John Kerry is delusional.”

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Do you agree that Obama is an insane person and Kerry is delusional? Are the inmates running the asylum at the White House? Share your thoughts below.

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