McCain Breaks With Liberal TV Talk Show Herd, Claims Trump Just Bested Pelosi With New Video

The ladies on The View disagreed about a video produced by the 2020 Trump campaign that called out Nancy Pelosi and her two refrigerators filled with ice cream. The optics were terrible, especially with millions of out of work Americans not receiving unemployment payments as of yet.


The ad with Pelosi and her wolf refrigerators freezers (filled with ridiculously expensive ice cream) that she unashamedly gloats over, juxtaposed with images and clips of hard-hit Americans who are hurting, sickens me.

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It’s even made me agree with Meghan McCain, who rarely defends President Trump on that show, but she is spot on about this. Just remember people, the progressive heads led by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, with Barack Obama in the background care nothing about you and your family.

This was a great video. It was the loudest I laughed today: “Nancy Antoinette?” Clever, accurate, yet challenging to believe a person in Pelosi’s position could be so flippant regarding the sacrifices most citizens are making, while she is, apparently, not inconvenienced. Come on, California, give us someone better to represent you. You folks know you’ve got much more capable people than her.


Nancy is out of touch with people who do not have anything to eat because they lost their jobs due to COVID-19, and she has her freezer stocked with more ice cream than most people buy in a year. It is probably there to entertain her elitist contributors.

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I think it is funny how many people are defending her when she does not do anything to help the USA, only things to get her power. Pres. Trump will win in November; Joe Biden will lose, and so will Nancy. Americans are not stupid; we have seen Nancy play politics with our lives; she works for herself and China-not the American people.

“I thought this ad was a kill shot,” McCain said on Tuesday.

The ad juxtaposed Pelosi showing her freezer full of ice cream with news that Americans were waiting for “hours” at food banks. It also highlighted how Democrats rejected a coronavirus relief package.

On Tuesday, McCain added: “It’s not the ice cream that’s in her fridge. It’s the fact that she’s standing behind giant refrigerators, multiple ones that cost $24,000 each.”

She also responded to “View” co-host Joy Behar, who had suggested Republicans should look at President Trump’s refrigerator given how wealthy he was.

“You’re right, Joy, politicians are wealthy, Trump is wealthy, but I think in this specific moment, optics are narratives. I don’t make the rules of politics. This is just how it works,” McCain said. [Fox News]

To be honest, there was no need for a kill shot as Meghan puts it, as the Democrats have been very graciously committing political suicide over the last 18 months daily. It makes you wonder why they are even bothering to show up now; oh wait, the House, they aren’t also showing up anymore.

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Given that Nancy is all about politics, I’m frankly surprised that she didn’t pay more attention to the optics of that scene. Maybe she thinks everybody has a dedicated larder room full of industrial-sized refrigerators…ALL her people do.

This is very simple – the Dems want the average American (and illegal alien for that matter) to think that they are for them, that they support them, and that they have their best interests at heart. What they are showing themselves to be is entirely the opposite – they are for the elites, the rich, and themselves.

But they love to spin the narrative that the Republicans are only for the rich and corporations. They say when things get bad, that’s when you see someone’s true colors – we are seeing those colors in full effect right now.

Open your eyes and look around!





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