Mayor De Blasio Says NYC Will ‘Need A Shutdown’ And ‘The Sooner The Better’

Mayor De Blasio Says NYC Will ‘Need A Shutdown’ And ‘The Sooner The Better’

Democrat New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday that the city is “going to need a shutdown, and I think the sooner the better.”

De Blasio made his comments on CNN’s “Situation Room.”

Mayor de Blasio: ‘We’re Going To Need A Shutdown’

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked the mayor, “The numbers are already going, as we all know, in the wrong direction, so why wait until after people gather to celebrate the holidays, Christmas, New Year’s, Kwanzaa, folks are celebrating Hanukkah right now, why not do it now?”

De Blasio replied, “Wolf, I think there’s certainly an argument for that. Look, the state of New York makes this decision.”

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The mayor noted he has had constant discussion with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“I’ve had this conversation several times with Gov. Cuomo, he’s going to make the ultimate decision,” de Blasio said.

“But what I would say is, we’ve seen the numbers go up, we are concerned about our hospitals, protecting the ability of hospitals to serve people, de Blasio added. Clearly, we are going to need a pause.”

Then he insisted on another lockdown.

“We’re going to need a shutdown, and I think the sooner the better,” de Blasio insisted.

De Blasio Would Lockdown Right After Christmas

When? Christmas or sooner, if de Blasio had his way.

“I suggested Christmas as sort of an obvious point,” the mayor said. “When the shopping’s over, and you know, a lot of things are closed down at that point anyway, it’s a very good time to stop activity.”

He added, “But, if it was something the state wanted to do even sooner, I would certainly support it as well.”

Blitzer followed up by asking, “How long do you think a shutdown might be necessary?”

De Blasio answered, “What our health folks always say is it takes between two and four weeks to really see the effects of any kind of restrictions. So, the sooner we start, the sooner we will reap the benefit.”

De Blasio finished, “But I think that’s the right way to think about it, somewhere between two weeks and a month is typically when you can have a real impact and knock down the infection rate substantially.”

Lockdowns And Restrictions Decimating NYC Economy, Particularly Restaurants 

The pandemic lockdown has decimated much of the city’s economy as restaurants continue to struggle with an indoor dining ban.

The New York Times reported Monday, “Thousands of restaurants face an uncertain future as they brace for brutal winter months that could reduce business to new lows.”

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“Restaurants across the city are moving to lay off waiters, servers and bartenders, throwing the workers’ lives in turmoil and presenting a new setback in New York’s economic recovery,” the Times noted.

“Some restaurants will shut entirely for the winter months,” reported NYT.

“Others, confronting daunting rent payments and mounting bills, wonder how, if at all, they will survive.”

Many won’t survive. 

As of November, over 1,000 restaurants in the city have already closed.