Maxine Waters Says Ben Carson–Who Was a Neurosurgeon–Is Too Dumb to Lead HUD

Rep. Maxine Waters said former neurosurgeon Ben Carson does not have the “intelligence” to be the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, which is his current position in the Trump administration.

Carson had said prior that Waters was lacking basic manners after she wrote President Donald Trump a letter insisting to know if reports that his administration was considering moving homeless people off the streets in California were true.

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Making her remarks on Sunday’s “AM Joy” on MSNBC, Waters said, “I sent him a letter, and he sent me a letter claiming that I had no mannerS, etc. I basically said to my staff, I really don’t have time to be bonded by somebody who does not know the difference between REO and OEO.”

“This guy just doesn’t have the background, the capability, the intelligence to do the job,” Waters said. “He does not know what he’s doing. He doesn’t care about this issue.”

Maxine Waters’ Original Letter and Ben Carson’s Response

In Rep. Waters original letter to the President, the congresswoman wrote, “Your shamelessness knows no bounds.”

In his response, Carson went toe-to-toe with Waters over which party was actually being shameful.

“Shamelessness is a career politician of 30 years laying blame,” Carson railed. “Shamelessness is allowing more than 55,000 Americans to live on the very streets they represent.”

He wasn’t done yet.

“I have sent multiple letters to your office and requested numerous meetings, but each time you’ve refused,” Carson wrote. “Basic manners elude you and it seems that instead of producing results, you’re more interested in producing cheap headlines at the President’s expense — like a true career politician.”

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Maxine Waters Is Fiercely Anti-Trump

Going after the Trump administration is nothing new for Waters. She never misses an opportunity to criticize the President and also targets Trump supporters. In September 2018, she even freely admitted that she went after Trump supporters “all the time.”

Insulting Ben Carson’s intelligence is an insult to everyone else’s. Instead of worrying about what the highly capable Dr. Carson is doing at HUD, Maxine Waters should concentrate on managing her district better, something she’s been failing to do for years and certainly long before Donald Trump sat in the White House.

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