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Maxine Waters Has Democrats Cheering Over Impeaching Trump

Someone call the Guinness Book of World Records! We have the stupidest thing ever conceived of in the history of man, right here.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about congressional Democrats. (RELATED: Nancy Pelosi Defends MS-13 Gang Members From Trump’s ‘Animals’ Comment).

More specifically, I’m referring to a list Democrats are using to justify their impeachment resolution against President Trump.

Why bring this up now? Because Rep. Maxine Waters just got a round of cheers from a roomful of Democrat activists by declaring that Trump needs to be impeached because “the facts are clear.”

So what are the facts that prove Trump should be impeached? Take a look, but, before you do, The Political Insider in-house doctor recommends you have a barf bag ready. It’s that bad:

This is dumber than a box of rocks sitting at the bottom of the ocean. (RELATED: This Quiz on Democrats’ Intelligence Is The Easiest Quiz You’ll Ever Take).

It’s hard to even find a place to begin, so, as Maria sang in The Sound of Music, let’s start at the very beginning since it’s a very good place to start.

On the travel ban, it’s widely acknowledged by plenty of legal scholars that the president has the wide authority to restrict travel from certain countries. The Supreme Court is currently hearing a case over Trump’s struck down travel ban, and will likely rule his way. (RELATED: Supremes Lean Toward Trump In Travel Ban Hearing).

The same goes for the transgender ban. The commander-in-chief is vested with the power to control our armed forces.

As for Trump’s comments on Charlottesville and retweeting a Twitter video critical of radical Muslim immigration, the President enjoys the same First Amendment protections we all do. Free speech isn’t an impeachable offense.

For criticizing individuals, I don’t remember liberals raising a stink when President Obama maligned police officers during his time in office. If memory serves, Obama was supported when he questioned the motives of police as they defended themselves against aggressors.

The Democrats’ official impeachment resolution isn’t full of facts. It’s chock-full of emotion masquerading as legal truth.

Democrats really have no case to impeach Trump. Maxine Waters is lying to her supporters when she says otherwise.

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