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This Professor Just Gave A Great Lesson for Young Mothers… Bravo!

math professor baby

Being a parent is already a daunting task, which can make having a job and attending college very difficult.

That’s why thousands of people are sharing the photo Sarah Thompson posted to her Facebook page. Sarah is a college student and a young mother, and the picture of her math professor teaching class while holding her┬ábaby is going viral!

From Sarah’s Facebook:

“This is my Math professor Dr. Josie Ryan with my son; she’s amazing. She knows I worked and continued school at USC while pregnant this past semester.

I started her class the week before I had my son in August and started attending her class again the week after I had him. She knew I’d be overwhelmed so literally begged me to bring Isaiah to class and even showed me where the breastfeeding room in the health center was at Lander University.

It’s so reassuring to know there are professors out there like this. Not only is she an amazing person, she’s also one of the best math professors I’ve ever had. She’s brilliant really, wacky and the best kind of nerdy.. the kind I can relate to lol. But hey! Maybe the world needs more of these teachers!

Hopefully this post will encourage other educators or moms or pregnant/working women who are students to ask for help. She’s encouraged me constantly and I’ve brought him to our Real Analysis class multiple times now. He’ll cut the cheese and make the class giggle from time to time but we still get down to some serious math in there.

I am in a perfect world when I am learning math in college with my baby right next to me or in my teachers arms. She taught like this; holding him the whole first class I brought him to.”

Here are some responses from her facebook page:

I am totally supportive of this and I think it’s a great thing. Mothers who just had babies should look on this professor as a role model who has a lot of inner strength to make this type of decision and keep it moving.

Too often we hear about the nightmare professors who seem to exist for the sole purpose of forcing leftwing propaganda down students’ throats. Teachers like Dr. Ryan are desperately needed to help shape the next generation and teach them valuable life lessons!

What are your thoughts about this decision to bring her baby to work? Share your comments below and let me know what you think. Add this to your Facebook/Twitter timeline for discussion.