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Massive Voter Fraud – TONIGHT IN Utah’s GOP Primary?!?!

utah primary

Major questions are being raised about tonight’s Utah Republican Presidential Primary.With 40 delegates, the state’s “winner take all” election process makes this a critical night for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), if he wishes to fight conservative businessman Donald J. Trump all the way to the RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio this summer.

But now, MAJOR questions are being raised about Utah’s very unusual internet-based voting process.

A bombshell report shows that the technology to conduct web-based voting comes from Smartmatic Group, which is based in England. Currently, the chairman of Smartmatic is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, who also is on the board of billionaire liberal Geroge Soros’ Open Society Foundation and has personal ties to the billionaire.

More than a half-million dollars have been donated to Ohio Governor John Kasich’s Super PAC from Soros-related hedge fund managers.

The Wall Street Journal reports this as “one of the biggest online votes conducted so far in the U.S.” In addition:

Utah residents will have the option of casting ballots in the Republican presidential contest using computers, tablets, and smartphones next week. …

Online “polls” will be open between 7:00 a.m. and 11 p.m. on March 22. Voters will get a receipt that will verify that their vote was recorded correctly. The state party declined to release the number of online voter registrations that it has received. …

“We expect all the jurisdictions across the U.S. to take notice and to look at this experience as something to study and, hopefully, follow,” said Antonio Mugica, founder and chief executive of Smartmatic Group, an election-equipment vendor that is running the Utah election.

Mugica tried to address online voting concerns, noting that the company has “security protocols” and backups of data in case of recounts. But as internet hackers know, no web-based server is truly secure. (Just ask Hillary Clinton!)

WSJ didn’t mention the company’s chairman’s left-wing biography, which is posted publicly on their website:

Mark Malloch-Brown is a former number two in the United Nations as well as having served in the British Cabinet and Foreign Office. He now sits in the House of Lords and is active both in business and in the non-profit world. He also remains deeply involved in international affairs.

Mark served as Deputy Secretary-General and Chief of Staff of the UN under Kofi Annan. For six years before that he was Administrator of the UNDP, leading the UN’s development efforts around the world. He was later Minister of State in the Foreign Office, covering Africa and Asia, and was a member of Gordon Brown’s cabinet.

Other positions have included vice-chairman of George Soros’s Investment Funds, as well as his Open Society Institute, a Vice-President at the World Bank and the lead international partner at Sawyer Miller, a political consulting firm. He also has served as Vice-Chairman of the World Economic Forum. He began his career as a journalist at The Economist.

Malloch-Brown also serves on Soros’ International Crisis Group board.

Obama recently said at the South by Southwest technology festival in Texas that he supports expanded online voting systems. And in 2014, he created a commission to generate a report about how best to ensure online voter integrity.

Do you think there could be funny business going on today in Utah’s important GOP Primary? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us!