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Massive Terrorist Attack Thwarted – They Were Targeting…

Terrorist Attack Paris

We’ve been talking for weeks about the dangers lurking in Europe and Paris, France in particular. In the last few years they’ve been the target of two major terrorist attacks, and authorities warn more could be on the way with the summer coming. Besides the normal tourist influx, France is hosting a major soccer tournament, Euro 2016, that will draw hundreds of thousands to the country.

The fears of a possible terrorist attack appear to be well-founded.

Via BBC:

A Frenchman detained last month with a large cache of arms was planning mass attacks during the Euro 2016 football tournament, which starts on Friday, Ukrainian officials say.
The man, identified by French media as Gregoire Moutaux, 25, was arrested on the Ukrainian border with Poland.
Intelligence chief Vasyl Hrytsak said the man had planned 15 attacks and was driven by ultra-nationalist views.
He had amassed guns, detonators and 125kg of TNT, Mr Hrytsak said.
Mr Hrytsak listed bridges, motorways, a mosque and a synagogue among the suspect’s potential targets. He was being prosecuted for arms smuggling and terrorism, he said.

This comes a day after the French President warned of attacks during the major soccer tournament.

Europe doesn’t seem like the safest place to travel to right now.

Would you feel safe traveling to Europe? Share your thoughts.