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Massive Terrorism Warning Alert from DHS! All Americans Must Be Alert For…


Jeh Johnson, the head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just shared a dire warning about new threats against America.

Johnson’s comments were hardly comforting, as he noted the threats are so overwhelming that they simply can’t prioritize everything.

This is horrifying!

Department of Homeland Security head Jeh Johnson informed Americans on Wednesday that the country is likely to suffer more domestic terror attacks, warning that the department cannot make all threats “a priority” and that the likelihood of an extremist “attack is still there,” despite the department’s best efforts.

Johnson, speaking at the Atlantic magazine ideas forum, admitted that DHS sees a range of threats on the homeland, but “can’t say everything is a priority.” He was unable to provide any firm figure quantifying the number of attacks that could be faced in the upcoming months.

The top homeland security official also lamented that the American press only covers “bad news” and that “the good news in homeland security is often no news.”

“You can’t say everything is a priority,” Johnson said during a panel discussion with former DHS head Tom Ridge. “You’ve got threats that are high impact, but not necessarily high probability. Then you’ve got threats that are high probability, but likely, or perhaps, less impact, like a [homegrown violent extremist] attack, which could involve as many as 50, as many as 10” fatalities.

his is a reminder of how dangerous it is to have an administration who can’t name the threat: Islamic terrorism.

Instead of focusing on the enemy, profiling, and doing what it takes to keep America safe, threats are on the rise and DHS can’t keep up them.

This is why America needs a real leader in the White House! It’s clear that more attacks on American soil are about to happen, and necessary actions are not being taken.

This is a breaking news story. We will update this as more details become available.