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Massive Plan For Trump To DROP OUT, Run As Independent! LEAKED

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When it comes to powerful conservative, populist voices before there was Donald Trump, there was Pat Buchanan.

A staunch defender of America’s interests and of the unborn, Buchanan’s presidential campaigns as a Republican and independent candidate were epic battles of the “Buchanan Brigade” against political elites. That’s why Buchanan now supports Trump.

Today Paul Nagy, a former adviser to Pat Buchanan, announced a petition campaign which sets up the vehicle for Trump to run as a 3rd party presidential candidate, if the GOP steals the election from him at the RNC convention.

Nagy started the Draft Buchanan movement in 1992 and worked as Buchanan’s Northeast campaign director. Now, his petition directed at the RNC – “We Will Walk” – has more than 2,000 signatures and is going viral!

Nagy has seen the RNC steal presidential elections before, and he’s ready to fight back!

What does Nagy make of [the “Never Trump movement?] “We’re right and they’re wrong and it takes me back to the Buchanan days.” He believes George H.W Bush not only stole the nomination from Buchanan, but that the Bushes stole conservatism.

“See I’m of the belief that once Ronald Reagan did not take Jack Kemp and took a G. W. H. Bush as his vice president the whole conservative movement was dead upon arrival. And when the Bushes got into office they succeeded in changing what was once a Reagan conservative,” said Nagy.

He added, “The Bush moderates became the conservatives. And people like me, who were Reaganites, became extremists.”

Nagy grew up in Trenton, NJ and he thinks his working class roots are suitable for this election cycle, “This is a street fight, this is what I do. I’m a street fighter.” He said, “I’ve been out of politics for a while, and Trump’s candidacy is what has brought me back.”

As Nagy opined, the GOP should be a “people’s party, not an elitist party.” Sadly, what makes Trump so popular among voters is the exact reason why political elites will stop at nothing to keep him out of the White House.

Would you vote for Trump if he ran for President as a 3rd party candidate? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us!