Marxist Biology Teacher Tells Students Cells Are Part of ‘Capitalist Indoctrination’, Wants Them to ‘Have no Respect For Authority’

Meet Mandi Jung, a Highland Park Middle School biology teacher in Minneapolis who teaches a different type of science class. Well, there doesn’t seem to be much science involved, but if your kid is interested in becoming a Antifa revolutionary, odds are they’re more likely to make Molotov cocktails instead of watching old “Bill Nye the Science Guy” episodes.

This isn’t the Twilight Zone, this is the real world.

Jung and her school are now facing public backlash after it was revealed in a Fox News piece that Jung, for some considerable time, has had TikTok page dedicated entirely to teaching teachers how to incorporate Marxism into their classrooms.

“My students this year have no respect for authority,” Jung proclaimed in one of her posts. “And I love that in a person because I have no respect for authority whatsoever.”

Obviously that’s what every parent wants to hear coming from their child’s teacher. That’s not all though, there’s more to be upset about.

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Insane in the Membrane

Democrats used to get really upset barely a decade ago when you compared them to communists. Now, many actively admit to holding those beliefs and flaunt them in front of you, just like Jung.

The train containing common sense and any semblance of normalcy has left the station and is headed towards the ‘woke’ gulag now. Much like the gulags of old, they’ll be dark and desolate, but because of these progressive times we live in, at least they’ll be ‘inclusive’.

In one post, Jung complained that her communist crusade had begun to backfire in her own classroom, and that her young students-turned-Marxists were starting to turn against her. “But it has been a frustrating year because I am the authority. So I’m like, ‘Damn the man, but I am the man.'”

I, for one, am shocked she’d use such gendered language that only supports the power of the patriarchy.

When she isn’t teaching kids the evils of capitalism, she does get around to some “science.” In one biology lesson, Jung taught the impressionable kids that cells are part of “capitalist indoctrination.”

“Seventh grade science… [is] the year that you learn that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and all this cell biology,” she said. “So at the end of the unit, I have students take a test. And one of the questions is ‘A person says the nucleus is the most important organelle in the cell. Do you agree or disagree, and why?”

She continued, “And almost every child says, ‘Yes, I agree. Because without a boss, the cell would be in total chaos.”

At that point, she explained that she found this average response to be hilarious because bacteria, in her opinion, is the “original anarchists” compared to other cells with nuclei.

“Bacteria don’t have a nucleus, and they are arguably one of the most successful classes of organisms on the planet. Bacteria out here being the original anarchists, right? No nucleus, no master. Seize the means of metabolism. I don’t know. It’s funny to me,” she said.

At least she finds it funny. If you’re going to make an inaccurate joke about the function of cells and bacteria and somehow turn it into some puns about collectivism, at least let the punchline stick.

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No Shame Among Comrades

After Jung’s communist teachings were reported, she shared to her Instagram page a screenshot of the Fox article, stating that all this attention has “managed to make me look like the most fun and coolest teacher ever.” Her school district also commented shortly after the story was published.

“As a general rule, public employees, as citizens, have the right to personally comment on the matters of public importance without restriction or reprisal by their employer,” the statement from the district said.

How brave of them to stand up for Jung, who is a modern day combination of Ms. Frizzle from “The Magic School Bus” and Joseph Stalin, killer of millions

Much like Ms. Frizzle, she’ll probably take students on imaginary adventures into fictional realms where communism actually worked (nowhere), and just like Stalin, the students will be starved… of a real education.

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  • From my experience in combat, the only good Communists are Marxist is a dead one. If the proverbial shtf ever happens the over 20 million veterans will clean out the Communists and the Marxist since we took a note in perpetuity

  • "Marxist Biology Teacher Tells Students Cells Are Part of ‘Capitalist Indoctrination’, Wants Them to ‘Have no Respect For Authority’"

    Sorry to break it to all concerned but Marxism cannot exist without an authoritarian government to impose it. Absent that Marxist economic policies will just be ignored in favor of capitalism as people naturally seek to advance their own interests.

  • I grew up in the Twin Cities, and we did not have this sort of communist teachers. They would not have lasted then. What is wrong, are the far leftists corrupting everything? Even schools. Fire her and hire a conservative. She is not teaching but indoctrinating. The only thing leftist that I remember was a physics prof. at the university who did research on Marxist physics, and he got tenure, but with no department designated. Now I suppose he would not stand out among all the other leftists.

  • ...remove all of your children from her classes...and let her sit in her classroom alone...until it's time to fire her for an inability to perform. How's that for "authority".

  • Mandi Jung seeks to “incorporate Marxism” into the class and preaches anarchism and “no respect for authority whatsoever.”
    #1) Anarchism advocates no control and chaos, while Marxism/Communism advocates total control. Capitalism lies between the two.
    #2) I advise Mandi Jung to try displaying no respect for authority in a Marxist country. See how that works out. She could try this in Communist China and join the 1.5 million locked up in their concentration camps. USSR had an estimated 18 million in their concentration camps (GULAGS). Otto Warmbier was killed by the Communist North Koreans for merely taking a sign there.

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