House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows warned that the next proposed spending bill could result in a government shutdown if it doesn’t include “a full and total commitment” to “start construction of a border wall.”

Meadows also indicated that his private conversations with President Trump have demonstrated he will not sign any bill that fails to include border wall funding.

“My conversations with the President have led me to believe that there is nothing less than a full and total commitment on his part to only sign into law a funding bill that actually allows for us to start construction of a border wall on our southern border,” the Congressman explained.

“He’s committed to do that,” he added. “We’re committed to supporting him in that position.”

Via the Hill:

The chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus says there could be a government shutdown if money isn’t included in a spending bill for President Trump’s border wall with Mexico.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), the caucus chairman, said Monday that conservatives will block any spending bill that doesn’t include the funding.

He told Breitbart News that “without a doubt” there are “enough conservative members who will not support any funding mechanism that does not include border wall funding.”

In May, President Trump voiced his disgust over a budget bill that acquiesced to nearly every Democrat whim in order to avoid a government shutdown.

That bill included $8 billion in funding for the EPA, continued to fund Planned Parenthood, and provided funding for sanctuary cities, not to mention refugee resettlement.

And of course, it did not include funding for the President’s border wall which was an absolute staple of his campaign.

The budget bill was such an atrocity, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh questioned vice-president Mike Pence on why anybody should continue voting Republican.

Now it appears the border wall is being started with a line in the sand.

There is “nothing more critical that has to be funded than funding the border wall,” Meadows said.

Should the Government Stay Shut Down if the Border Wall Isn't Funded?

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