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United States Marines Arrive in Syria to Battle ISIS

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, then-candidate Donald J. Trump was extremely critical of Barack Obama’s unwillingness to forcefully take a stand against ISIS and defeat the terrorist group.

Rather than engage ISIS head on, Obama preferred to use controversial drone strikes to attack our enemies, a method that ended up putting innocent civilians in harms way on a regular basis.

Now that he is president, Donald Trump is showing that he is committed to actually defeating ISIS, and our U.S. military is following through on that promise.

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From The Washington Post:

Marines from an amphibious task force have left their ships in the Middle East and deployed to Syria, establishing an outpost from which they can fire artillery guns in support of the fight to oust the Islamic State from the northern Syrian city of Raqqa, defense officials said.

The deployment marks a new escalation in the U.S. war in Syria, and puts more conventional U.S. troops in the battle. Several hundred Special Operations troops have advised local forces there for months, but the Pentagon has mostly shied away from using conventional forces in Syria. The new mission comes as the Trump administration weighs a plan to help Syrian rebels take back Raqqa, the de facto capital of the Islamic State. The plan also includes more Special Operations troops and attack helicopters.

The expeditionary unit’s ground force, Battalion Landing Team 1st Battalion, 4th Marines, will man the guns and deliver fire support for U.S.-backed local forces who are preparing an assault on the city. Additional infantrymen from the unit will provide security, while resupplies will be handled by part of the expeditionary force’s combat logistics element. For this deployment, the Marines were flown from Djibouti to Kuwait and then into Syria, said another defense official with direct knowledge of the operation.

Syria has been a hotbed of extremist and terrorist activity for years, and thousands of refugees, who have not been properly vetted, are trying to flee the country. In recent weeks, President Trump has pledged to halt all refugees from Syria from entering the U.S. given the nation’s instability and virtually nonexistent vetting program.

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump suggested that safe zones should be established in Syria to protect innocent civilians within the country rather than relocate them halfway across the world to places like the United States where they have no familial connections. President Trump’s commitment to America’s military demonstrates his willingness to fully defeat ISIS, rather than just “degrade” them as Barack Obama did.

Godspeed, Marines.

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