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Marine Fights for Custody of Younger Brothers

Melissa Irons is a 21-year-old Marine who has a hole in her heart. Two holes, to be exact. Because of her mother’s long-term meth addiction, her two younger brothers are in foster homes many states away from her.

Melissa’s dream has been to adopt her two brothers and become their legal guardian. All she wants is for them to be together as the family they deserve to be. However, one thing stands in her way of doing this: the verdict of the court.

She is young, low on money, and inexperienced in parenting. But what she lacks in experience, she makes up for in love.

Watch above as Melissa goes on a mission to gain custody of her baby brothers and gets some beautiful gifts along the way. Three cheers for Prank It Forward for making this dream a reality. It is truly touching to see organizations that want to give back to those that need it most!

H/T: Rare.us