Marine About To Be Deployed – Here’s How He Celebrated Every Holiday With His Son


Sometimes when you’re a member of the armed forces, it’s difficult to do things with your children that the rest of us take for granted. Take the holidays for example. When you’re on leave serving your county, it’s hard to celebrate events that occur on specific days, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Staff Sgt. John York, about to be deployed for a third time, but the first since his son was born, came up with a solution.

York decided to use 10 days of pre-deployment leave to celebrate every holiday with his son before he departs.

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While York has been deployed twice before, this would be his first deployment since his son was born. Worried about how his son would do without him, York hatched a plan to make the parting a bit less sorrowful.

“He just came home from work and said, ‘I have an idea of what I want to do when I have the 10 days of pre-deployment leave. I really want to do all the holidays, all his favorite holidays that I’m going to miss,’” Priscilla York told ABC News.

After celebrating Mother’s Day, York surprised his son with a little trick-or-treating. Decked out in his trusty “Paw Patrol” costume, Bryson went around to each of the neighbors’ homes collecting the candy his dad had dropped off earlier in the day.

“He went to every neighbor’s house on the block and he had candy that he handed to them so they’d be ready when Bryson rang the doorbell,” Priscilla told ABC. “The neighbors were so great about it.”

York and his son then celebrated Christmas. Dad pulled the ol’ Christmas tree from the garage and decked it out in ornaments and lights overnight.

Bryson woke up the next morning to a pile of presents under the tree.

“He just woke and Santa came. He was just so taken aback,” Priscilla told ABC. “He was like, ‘What’s going on? Why is the Christmas tree up?’ He was so excited.”

And how was York able to celebrate Father’s day? He watched a video that his wife had taken of every single holiday, over and over again.

What better way to celebrate Memorial Day for you and I than by watching that video?


Priscilla explained that Dad and son”have an incredible bond,” something that’s easy to see.

What a touching video, what a great Dad, and what a great American.

Comment: What did you think of this Dad’s effort to celebrate the holidays with his son? Give us your take on the video below.

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