Marco Rubio Stands By His Comments About President Obama – WATCH!

In an interview with Fox’s Bret Baier, Marco Rubio was given a chance to walk back his comments about the President having “no class,” but he instead doubled down saying Obama “has not conducted himself with the dignity worthy of that office.”

Earlier this week, Rubio said the following:

“We already have a president now that has no class. I mean, we have a president now that you know, does selfie stick videos, that invites YouTube stars there, people that, you know, eat cereal out of a bathtub.”

Wait, you mean this guy has no class? Outrageous!

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Still, Rubio had a chance to back away from those comments that drew fire from the liberal media, but he didn’t.

via Mediaite:

Fox’s Bret Baier played the clip of Matthews to Rubio today and let him respond. Rubio said it’s important the U.S. have a president who can debate “without demonizing their opponents.”

And while he doesn’t doubt that the president is a great husband and father, “he actually wants to convince people that you are a bad person” and that his opponents don’t actually care about people.

So when Baier directly asked him if he’s standing by saying Obama has “no class,” Rubio said, “He has not conducted himself with the dignity worthy of that office.

Watch the clip here …

Do you think Obama has no class, lacks dignity, and tries to convince people that his opponents don’t care about them?

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