Marco Rubio Says It’s Time For ‘Honest Reflection’ Among Conservatives Following Capitol Riots

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) spoke out on Friday to call for a time of “honest reflection” in the conservative moment in the wake the riots that saw supporters of President Donald Trump storm the Capitol on Wednesday.

Rubio Calls For ‘Reflection’ In GOP

“For those of us on the center-right of American politics, now is the time that calls for honest reflection,” Rubio said in a video that he posted to social media.

He went on to remind the president’s supporters that while Republicans had won the House, the Senate, and the White House in 2016, they lost all of these majorities in the last election.

“We need to reflect on why this has happened because this country needs a viable, attractive alternative to the agenda of the radical left,” Rubio said.

He added that he does not want to see the GOP return to the way it was in 2012, a time when he said it was “out of touch” with the working Americans. He explained that it was these Americans who rejected the establishment and ultimately backed President Trump.

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Rubio Calls For Improving Elections

Rubio then touched on the need to improve America’s elections.

“We have to investigate what went wrong in the last election and fix our elections laws, so people can have faith and confidence in them,” he said.

Rubio also stressed the importance of calling out the corporate media bias and the hypocrisy of the left.

“We must continue to call out the media bias instead of being bullied by it,” he said. “And we must oppose political correctness, social media censorship, identity politics, and this cult of wokeness.”

“We can do all these things without indulging the darkest instincts or inciting the most destructive impulses — and without the rhetoric or behavior that keep the millions of Americans who agree with us from joining us in this fight,” he added, appearing to be chastising some of Trump’s behavior.

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Rubio Calls Out Liberal Hypocrisy

Though he condemned the Capitol rioters, he also expressed sympathy for the Americans who see the left’s double standards when it comes to these protests.

“Now, are the Left hypocrites? Absolutely,” he said. “I remember, what they now are calling insurrection, they were justifying just this summer. They were called it the ‘language of the unheard’ when rioters were burning cities.”

Rubio specifically called out CNN and MSNBC, bringing up comments that host Chris Cuomo made in June, when he said, “Show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

“This kind of blatant bias and double standard is one of the reasons that so many Americans have sought political shelter in divisive political movements and in conspiracy theories that offer the promise of fighting back against it,” the Florida Republican said

Rubio Addresses Trump Supporters

Rubio concluded by urging Trump supporters to not let their anger make them violent.

“Here is what I want you to hear right now: We can’t allow our anger about all that stuff to turn ourselves into them,” he said.

The video ended with Rubio quoting former President Richard Nixon.

“He said, ‘Others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself,’” Rubio said. “We can’t destroy ourselves.”

This piece was written by James Samson on January 8, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • “We can do all these things without indulging the darkest instincts or inciting the most destructive impulses — and without the rhetoric or behavior that keep the millions of Americans who agree with us from joining us in this fight,” he added, appearing to be chastising some of Trump’s behavior.‘. “joining us in this fight”. rubio is inciting violence?

  • The reason I became a independent after being a real R for such a long time was because the R's in the leadership position acted the same as the DIMMs, they forgot from whence they came, the idea they were anointed was prevalent and they to often conceded to the left and allowed the persecution of the conservative to go on.....Gingrich made the point, this does not have to be and President Reagan , a former DIMM, wielded a tongue that cut like a sword when comparing the lack of respect for the rule of law and the Constitution of the left, this man understood how their lack of intellect and common understanding of inalienable right made arrogance their weakest point.....President Trump knew how the economy worked, what made America productive and wealthy and how to put this country and it's resources to use and ignore the symbolism over substance.....His many enemies did not like being reminded, this government exist by the consensus of the governed.....the left rejoiced when Reagan left office, never again, they said......Our Constitution is still the tool to remind real Americans, the US is made up of We the People, our way of life is not to be taken for granted....Fear not PI, there is still real Americans in your commentary contributors....

  • Mr. Rubio (little Mario) you are indeed a hypocrite. You've been part of the never Trumpers from the start of Trump's administration. How dare U dictate to 75 million Trump supporters who did not commit any violent acts. It is a known fact that an Antifa leader led several protesters into the building & protesters stopped Antifa from breaking the windows of the Capitol. Wake up Mr. Rubio we can see thru your backstabbing agenda. I hope the people in Florida who supported Trump see U for what you are: A bitter TRAITOR to our President and betrayer to the Constitution of the USA.

  • It is impossible to co-exist with the left! They don't play fair, and they follow ONLY one rule...."The Ends Justify The Means", or put another way, "By ALL Means Necessary". We've all heard them say it....it's true. They find a free and open society a THREAT to their domineering, dictatorial world view, where only THEY are allowed to give the orders, and you better dang well follow them...or it's off to the "camps" for you, never to be seen again....and now they've set their plan of action against America into motion, beginning with the release of COVID into the world, with the USA as the real intended target, followed by the collusion with Democrats to take down America as a free, pro-capitalist country. Have you ever...EVER...heard the Dems call out, or criticize China for anything? Nope, because "friends" don't rat on each other....and anymore, I don't know if I can even trust the GOP, Rubio included, to look out for America, esp. if they would ever have to stand up, GROW A PAIR, and put themselves, and their careers, on the line....just don't have any faith in the Republicans to fight back....

  • Trump was the first President to stand up to China, call them out on their wrongdoings, and even implementing tariffs on them, all in the name of looking out for America. China had set its eyes on world domination, both economically and militarily. But the US, being the lone economic and military superpower on earth, stood in the way. So, as revenge, and to deal with Trump's getting in the way of their sinister plans...voila!...China purposely released COVID into the world, while not allowing it into Wuhan, where it originated. Then, China lied and tried to blame the US military for COVID, and then later tried to blame meat from Australia for it, I believe I read. China knew that COVID would destroy Trump's incredible economic success in the American economy and financial markets, and negatively affect his popularity and standing, WITH the help of the anti-Trump. leftist Democrats, the leftist MSM, and leftist billionaire, George Soros, with the falsely propagandized "duped" Americans, as a result. So, for China to achieve its goal of world domination, America and Trump had to be taken down, and "fall", because they both were in the way. Remember, China is communist, and just like the Democrats, China doesn't play "fair" or follow any rules....with them, it's "The Ends Justifies The Means!" Every time.

  • You and the other members of the "G a n g of 8" did a l l you c o u l d to help out O b a m a. We have an amazing President of the United States and you along with a lot of the other Republicans stood in his way almost every day - at times I wasn't sure if all of the RINO's/R e p u k e s, took the bribe from S o r o s and went socialists!!

  • I don't believe America was the target, per se. If anything the target was Trump so the Chinese could have the advantage of Uncle Joe kowtowing to them; answering their every beck and call.

  • We lost because of DEMOCRATS = COMMUNISTS and RINOS like you.
    You need to change your attitude or your done Little marco.

  • Can anyone tell me what he has done for America? He talks, talks, and talks and accomplishes nothing but superficial drivel meant to keep his name in the public eye so he can use it in the next election. He and so many Republicans are politicians, not statesmen. The difference? A statesman worries about the next generation and the politician worries about the next election. I know that are no statesmen, stateswomen,LGBTQ states things, nonbinaries, etc democrats. There may be a couple in the repugnantcan party but I'd have to investigate it more.

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