Marco Rubio Asks the Obvious: Why Can Florida Count Ballots in Hours While Other States Take Days?

Senator Marco Rubio asked a question that is on everyone’s minds, wondering how Florida is able to quickly count its ballots as the third most populated state in the country while other, less populous states, have turned “election day” into “election week or month.”

“If #Florida can count 7.5 million ballots in 5 hours how can it take days for some states to count less than 2 million?” he openly wondered in a Wednesday afternoon tweet.

Rubio’s comments come as Arizona and Nevada, both of whom feature pivotal Senate races that could decide who controls power in that chamber, continue to lag behind in their vote counts.

Officials in Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous county, said Wednesday that hundreds of thousands of ballots remain to be counted with full results not likely until the end of the week.

Nevada’s Clark County officials indicate their ballot counting could extend into next week.

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Rubio: Why is it Taking so Long to Count Ballots?

Republican challenger Blake Masters currently trails Senator Mark Kelly in their Arizona race, 51.43% to 46.43%.

And the Grand Canyon State has another contest of national interest pending – the gubernatorial race between Katie Hobbs and Kari Lake.

Lake currently trails Hobbs by a slim margin. She has vowed to fight “cheaters and crooks” in the state after electronic vote tabulation machines in Maricopa County suffered malfunctions at a 20 percent clip.

In Nevada, Republican Adam Laxalt holds a slight lead over Catherine Cortez Masto in their Senate race.

Rubio meanwhile, retained his Senate seat in a landslide that saw Florida as one of the few states to actually show signs of a red wave on Election Day.

The congressman bested Val Demings by over 16 percentage points.

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Election Month?

Rubio’s question is a great one – why do some smaller states take so long to count their ballots each election cycle while others seamlessly handle the process?

Better yet, how is it that states processed national election results using paper ballots years ago without much of a hitch, and states with all the technology in the world can’t seem to wrap it up without taking days or weeks?

Election Day is a misnomer at this point. Mail-in ballots, early voting, and counting delays have made vote tabulation a months-long enterprise.

Rubio, in 2018, responding to news that Florida Democrats had been sending altered forms and extending deadlines in the hopes of counting ballots well past the deadline, blasted such efforts as a means to try “stealing the election.”

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  • Here in Nevada, during the night, the dumbocraps passed legislation that changed the way votes were counted. Mail-in ballots to every registered voter, whether living or dead, (if their still on the rolls). mail in ballots dated with a process date of the last day possible, have three or four days to get there to be counted, Dominion machines, just like those who "failed" in Arizona are being used. "Convenience of the voter" was the watchword (ha ha ha) Ballot cures take another three or four days. Slow voting results released also makes an interesting cure for the voting ills. Need I say more as to WHY voting results takes so long?????

  • The answer is very simple, either those counting the ballots are inept, they are waiting to forge ballots once they know how many they need. ( of those who did not vote, ) I mean how hard is it to feed a piece of paper into a machine to have them counted, even the biggest moron in the country ( Joe Biden ) could probably do it.


  • That question was never asked back in 2012 or later! We all know the reason why it takes days to count vote. All because democrats are in control of the ballots! They started changing the rules when Trump beaten the CRIMINALS HILLARY! Was going to be sure they kept their power and control over the people and country!

  • Just an observation, but one that has serious merit having worked in the retail industry for a decade plus... Don't Underestimate the Effects of a Full Moon! Weird Stuff ALWAYS occurs! It starts about 3 days prior, peaks at the full moon, then recedes for about 3 days afterwards. I always refered to it as 'the week of the disturbed moon'. Just sayin'.

  • Even when there was only in person voting, using paper ballots, the results were tallied before morning, using the " Voting Machines should be cutting the time in half, not taking days, to weeks. It's starting to look more and more as the Democratic Election official are doing what they accused Trump of, finding enough votes to change the Election in their favor , ( Again ? )

    • This was, I believe, also the year of the "butterfly ballot." Voters (mostly Democrats) complained that it was confusing, and they thought they might have voted for the wrong candidate,

      There was a story going around, that, as an experiment, a class of third graders (8-9 year olds) were given a similarly configured ballot, and asked to vote for their favorite Disney character. They had no problem understanding the ballot and the instructions. Mickey Mouse won; Goofy demanded a recount.

    • Not Florida. The voters who failed to ensure their ballots did not have hanging chads, despite warnings to voters to check their cards.

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