This morning during a Fox News segment a man decided to hijack the show and tell some uncomfortable truths about former President and sexual harrasser Bill Clinton. Some think he went too far, but many others are excited that someone had the guts to proclaim the truth about Clinton live on air!

Here is video of the incident:

via The Hill

An onlooker interrupted a Fox News live outdoors shot Saturday, repeatedly yelling “Bill Clinton is a rapist” before being removed by security.

The incident appeared to be linked to conservative radio host Alex Jones, who on Friday offered $5,000 to any listener who appeared on national TV calling Clinton a rapist.

Alex Jones is wild conspiracy theorist but he is right about one thing; Bill Clinton is a sexual predator who has never been fully held to account for his numerous crimes. This guy was very brave but also very foolish to do this. No doubt the main-stream media will continue dismiss these allegations and ignore Clinton’s dozens of victims.

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