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Man Who Threw 5-Year-Old Boy Over Mall Of America Balcony Receives 19-Year Prison Sentence

Neetu Chandak on June 3, 2019

The man who threw a 5-year-old boy over the Mall of America’s third-floor balcony in April was given a 19-year prison sentence Monday.

Emmanuel Aranda, 24, pleaded guilty in May for attempted murder. The 40-foot fall left Landen with head trauma and broken bones.

Landen and his parents did not appear in court Monday, but offered statements read in court by prosecutor Cheri Townsend, NBC News reported.

“Your act was evil and selfish,” the boy’s father said in his statement. “You chose to listen to the worst parts of yourself that day. That is where your impact on us stops. You will take nothing more from us.”

Aranda told investigators he was “looking for somebody to kill” on April 12 and was looking to kill another person at the mall, according to The Associated Press. He chose Landen when the previous plan did not “work out.”

“God will judge you someday and I have peace with that,” his mother’s statement said, NBC reported.

Prosecutors let go of an aggravated-circumstances component to the charge that could have made Aranda’s prison sentence 20 years instead of 19. Aranda could be on parole in 12 years if his behavior is good along with time already served, according to NBC.

Aranda was previously convicted of throwing a glass of water and a glass of tea at a woman in 2015, the AP reported.

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  • This crime should have been prosecuted under the Federal Hate Crimes Statute. The fact that it wasn't shows the total bias of the justice system in Mn!

  • This should have been a 50 year sentence with chance of parole at 40 years. He would be to old to try that again. Well just goes to show why people have to protect themselves. Our system is broken with no chance of repair.

  • after his Vacation he will be deported back To Somalia...
    hopefully the Goobernator doesnt give him a pardon or if by chance a Democrat President

  • he wanted to kill someone. note that. but did he try to kill someone that could and would be able to defend themselves, no, he piked a child. this piece of garbage should never get out of jail. hopefully some big bubba inside will take him as a sex partner for what he did, and some others that have kids on the outside, will just take him,out.

  • Probably one of those "harmless" pot smokers...An aggravated assault like this he should get the same sentence that Hinckley got for shooting Reagan. 30 years, and lifetime probation after.

  • The Constitution prohibits taking a life if a life has not been taken. A life sentence would remove this threat to innocent lives.

  • It started with him throwing drinks on someone four years ago. Perhaps they should take people throwing milkshakes on politicians more seriously. The most foul murders start with dehumanizing others.

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